60 Sexy and Hot Lauren Cohan Pictures

Lauren Cohan, with a birthday on January 7, is 38 years old as of this writing. Born in New Jersey, this sexy American with a British accent has the lead role in The Walking Dead. She stars as Maggie Greene, which becomes her most significant break in Hollywood.

Aside from her talent in acting, this American actress with a hot body when wearing a bikini is a great singer. She was also a professional swimmer, competing in many tournaments before she pursued a career in Hollywood.

Lauren Cohan is a family-oriented person and a proud Jewish through and through. She isn’t religious, but she upholds Jewish traditions and culture close to her heart. Cohan is an American, but her British accent confuses people. Her speaking accent is because she grew up in the United Kingdom. She returned to America to pursue an acting career.

Before her role in The Walking Dead, Cohan starred in Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. According to her, Cohan never watched a single episode of The Walking Dead. Her claim is quite hard to believe, given how excellent her portrayal is with her role. Moreover, Cohan performs her stunts.

Unsurprisingly, Cohan loves Halloween and Addams Family. She likes Halloween, not because of the scare factor, but because she wants to dress up, especially the Addams Family. Aside from this weird interest, Cohan is still an ordinary woman who has an immense love for dogs. She would even bring his dog in the set of The Walking Dead

Oddly enough, Cohan doesn’t like horror movies despite the fact she starred in paranormal-themed shows. Shooting the scenes of these shows wasn’t easy on her. But, like everybody else, she managed to act professionally.

Another interest that surprises fans is her love of comics. She collects comic books, except horror-themed stories. Her collection comprises of the DC comics, and Batman isn’t her favorite. Instead, Cohan collects the Batman series because of Joker.

To stay in shape, Cohan goes to the gym regularly and performs strength training. She has to maintain a lean body because she rarely asks a double to do her stunts. Cohan practices and studies her stunts, so she can execute those stunts properly.

Talking about her relationship, Cohan comes from a big family. She has five younger sisters, whom she loves dearly. Also, Cohan wants to date older men and reveals her crush on Jeff Bridges. As of the moment, she’s single and doesn’t have a known partner. Even at age 38, Lauren Cohan has a great shape, ass, and boob. Her regular visits to the gym pay off despite the fact she’s doing these for her roles.

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