48 Sexy and Hot Laura Vendermoort Pictures

Looking at the Sexy and Hot Laura Vendermoort Pictures we have below, you know that they are worth drooling. Aside from looking at her pretty face and appeal, get to know more about her. Find out the legit reasons why she is one of the hottest women on the planet.  

Laura Dianne Vandervoort was from Toronto, Ontario, and grew up there. Her parents are Canadian and Dutch. Her mother gave birth to her on September 22, 1984. She has a sibling, a sister, whose name is Sarah.  

Looking at her hot photos, you would never imagine that her life had once been in danger. At such a young age, she had meningitis. Even people around her parents said that she would not survive her sickness that lasted for months. However, miracles did happen. She grew up to be a strong woman like the Supergirl as she was.

She played various sports like football, tennis, karate, basketball, baseball, and gymnastics. 

She went to York University at the age of 19 to take up English and Psychology.

Seeing her in a bikini, it is not surprising that she posed nude for a cause. She posed nude for an ad as a protest against the captivity of marine mammals. She also posed for PETA in 2011.

Before she got the prominent roles that she has been portraying today, she started taking on minor characters like many others. Her debut in acting began when she was in 13. She used to be a part of a few shows where she was always in the background.

The first role that she got, where she had some lines to say, was Goosebumps. She was also one of the casts of Are You Afraid of the Dark.

After that, she busted her ass and appeared on commercials and took on minor roles in TV series and movies like Mutant X, The Marc Hall Story, Twice in a Lifetime, and more.

While studying at York University, she finally landed a significant role in the Instant Star, where she played as Sadie Harrison. She also landed the role of Kelly in the film The Lookout.  After that, she had some appearances in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series, which led her to her breakthrough role as Supergirl in Smallville.

Aside from these roles, she also appeared in films and TV shows such as Haven and Bitten.

Laura has been in several relationships. Before her current relationship with Shawn Piller, an executive producer. She had been in several failed relationships in the past.

Corey Sevier and Oliver Trevena had been her ex-fiance, but never wed to any of them. She also had a relationship with Michael Rosenbaum.

Although every guy can agree that Laura has the perfect boobs, she has also been a skillful actress, which makes her a real-life Supergirl.

Sexy and Hot Laura Vendermoort Pictures

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