41 Sexy and Hot Laura Slade Wiggins Pictures

This sexy, young actress has only been around in the industry for 14 years, but Laura Slade Wiggins has taken part in some well-known productions in the past decade. Let us take a look at her origins and her blossoming Hollywood career.

None of her immediate family members were in show business, although her father was a prominent lawyer in her hometown, Athens, Georgia. Laura Slade Wiggins comes from a small, nuclear family, with only one brother.

Her early appearances were on television films, Not Like Everyone Else and Girl, Positive. She only had supporting roles, and the two movies broadcasted on the Lifetime channel. Her first participation in a TV series was on the sci-fi drama, Eleventh Hour. Though the show only ran for one season, it received positive reviews and developed a cult following.

The hot celebrity’s most notable role to date is on the dark comedy-drama, Shameless. The show has been running for ten seasons, with the eleventh and final one green-lit for production. The stunning blonde played the character of Karen Jackson, a sexually promiscuous woman who eventually suffered from amnesia. She was present only during the first three seasons, and the cast briefly mentioned her in the later ones.

After her stint in Showtime’s longest-running drama series, Laura Slade Wiggins went back to guest appearances on other programs. She has credits for one episode each from Private Practice, The Finder, Blackbox TV, Perception, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Intelligence, and Chicago P.D.

The gorgeous star also appeared on two different episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Laura Slade Wiggins had a part in television films in The Cheating Pact and Starving in Suburbia. She has kept a low profile for the past few years, but the actress is active on her social media platform.

Her Instagram has thousands of followers, and the beautiful blonde uses it to speak about various causes. She also participates in independent film productions, most recently having the title, The Trap Door at the Edge of the Universe. The movie revolves around a private detective on a treasure hunt for Laura Slade Wiggins’ character.

The actress has taken on a variety of roles, all of which showcase her impressive figure, boobs, and ass. She has been married to stuntman Kyle Weishaar since 2018. With all her work on television, this talented celebrity has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars.

We look forward to seeing more of Laura Slade Wiggins’ acting and singing projects in the future. For now, feel free to check out our exclusive bikini collection of this stunning femme fatale.

Sexy and Hot Laura Slade Wiggins Pictures