50 Sexy and Hot Lana Condor Pictures

Lana Condor balances her sexy acting roles with her YouTube career. She’s mainly known for her portrayal of exceptional supporting characters, including Koyomi in Alita: Battle Angel, and Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse.

At the age of 22, Condor’s figure is already approaching its mature state, and she’s starting to become hot. In the next coming years, there’s a high possibility that she’ll do more daring roles.

Condor’s original Vietnamese name is Tran Dong Lan. She spent several months in an orphanage right after her birth. An American couple would later come and adopt her from the orphanage.

Her foster parents renamed her to Lana Condor to make it easier for her since they will be living in Chicago. Due to her parents’ nature of work, the family would usually change residences.

Condor had a fruitful childhood with her foster parents, and aside from that, her parents are always supportive of anything she wants to try. She trained for several skills, including ballet and acting.

Condor has also enrolled in various institutions that focus most on the enrichment of students in terms of performing and performing arts. But after several years of pursuing an academic endeavor, Condor would leave to pursue an acting career.

Condor’s on-screen debut is on the blockbuster film, X-Men: Apocalypse, which premiered on cinemas in the year 2016. She took the role of Jubilee, which is a famous character, especially for hardcore comic fans.

She landed on another part the same year of her debut in Patriots Day. Condor’s years of experience in drama schools paid off with her brilliant performance on the said film. Condor also has an appearance in Lifetime’s High School Lover.

In 2018, her first lead role finally happened when she was selected to star in Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. The film was an instant hit to the teen demographic and fans of the film’s source material as well. Condor also scored a nomination from the 2018 Teen Choice Award with her performance on the Netflix movie.

2019 made Condor pretty busy with a lot of projects coming on her way. Syfy offered her a role in their series Deadly Class earlier that year. Condor also secured a position in the blockbuster film, Alita: Battle Angel.

In 2020, Condor starred on the sequel of her successful film, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. A third installment of the film series is also on the works that are yet to have a release date.

Condor also took an interest in making a YouTube channel, which she did in early 2020. With her fame and a large following on her social media, her YouTube channel grew past 400,000 subscribers within months.

Lara Condor often posts several bikini pictures to delight her fans. If you’re curious about these photos, well, we got you covered! Check out our compilation of Condor’s best ass and boobs photos.

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