43 Sexy and Hot Lady Death Pictures

Lady Death is a hot fictional character from a comic book series created by Brian Pulido. She is a female anti-heroine known for her silver hair, chalk-white skin, and her emotionless eyes.   

There are several versions of Lady Death’s biography. The most popular is the first Lady Death series. She originated as an illusion of a boy named Ernest “Ernie” Fairchild. Ernie believed Lady Death was his ideal girl, a beautiful and violent villain.

Lady Death promised to give Ernie the kind of love he never had, in exchange for the boy’s undying loyalty and a vow to kill every human being. She first appeared as a muse for Ernie’s comic book. But as the plot progressed, Lady Death moved on and transformed as a full-blown hero.

In the original comics, the story is about a mortal girl named Hope, who made a deal with a demon to escape death. Upon hearing her call, a wraith sent her to Hell, where she became corrupted by evil. Soon, she named herself as the Lady Death. She led an uprising against Lucifer and became the new ruler of Hell. 

Chaos! Comics initially featured Lady Death in the series in 1994. She first appeared in the series The Reckoning. Pin-up editions also followed, including the Lady Death Swimsuit Special and Lady Death in Lingerie. Since then, Lady Death appeared in several comic series under Chaos! Comics until 2002. 

In 2003, CrossGen published two Lady Death series, A Medieval Tale and The Wild Hunt.   

Later on, Avatar Press took over the comic series and released two versions: Classic and Medieval. From 2005 to 2007, Avatar Press published several comic series before landing on its current publishing company, Coffin Comics, under its original creator Brian Pulido.

Aside from comic releases, ADV films released an animated version of the heroine in the film Lady Death: The Movie. However, there are several episodes from the comics that got altered in the animated film. The producers presented Lady Death as a heroine whose primary goal is not to destroy Earth but to liberate Hell.

In 2011, American comic book author Brent Frankenhoff released Comics Buyer’s Guides “100 Sexiest Women in Comics” list. Lady Death made it at 39th place. 

Lady Death’s costume trademark is a black, tight-fitting leather bikini. What sets her apart from other comic book heroines are her body features. She has giant boobs and ass, rock-hard abs, and an evil-like facial expression.

The popularity of Lady Death among young people led her to become an icon. Many women dress as Lady Death in cosplay conventions. Toy stores also sell action figures for Lady Death fans.

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Sexy and Hot Lady Death Pictures