60 Sexy and Hot Kylie Jenner Pictures

Sexy and elegant, even those words aren’t enough to describe the social media icon and reality star Kylie Jenner. Her affiliation with the Kardashians puts her at the top of the most influential celebrities of the current generation. It, however, gives her an inescapable spotlight that she will forever carry.

Born in California in 1997, Kylie spent her childhood already in the spotlight along with some of her family members in the reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Kylie has a total of nine siblings, eight of them are her half-siblings. Kendall is her only pure sibling and is also older than her.

Despite being born in a wealthy family, Kylie decided to pursue academics, enrolling in Sierra Canyon School and Lauren Springs High School.

In 2007, the reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered, which also features several snippets of the early life of Kylie. On the show’s starting years, most of the attention is on the older Kardashian sisters.

The show garnered a lot of viewership, and its popularity already left a mark in this generation’s pop culture history. Because of the show’s success, several variations of the show exists.

Kylie saw an opportunity on the fame they’re receiving, and alongside her sisters, they established a robust business model that includes the use of the internet and commercials.

Kylie and Kendall collaborated for a clothing line, Kendall & Kylie. PacSun and TopShop are the only manufacturers and distributors allowed to use the siblings’ trademark.

Kylie also leveraged her fame and success when she announced about a cosmetic brand she is planning to unveil. In 2015, she finally launched Kylie Cosmetics, which also features her now-famous Kylie Lip Kit.

In the same year of her cosmetic line launch, Kylie and Kendall received recognition from Time Magazine, saying that they’re in their list of Most Influential Teens.

She also has an application called Kylie, which is something that generates a lot of money for the young socialite.

The hot socialite Kylie is known for mainly using the social media platform, Snapchat. Here, she posts a ton of her photos, which sometimes includes a glimpse of her ass.

She made several appearances on Forbes; the most notable one is on the list about the richest self-made women, which she came in number 27. Kylie is also one of the youngest billionaires in a list by the same magazine. At the age of 21, she even surpasses the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

In 2017, reports surfaced online that Kylie is dating the trap/hip-hop master rapper, Travis Scott. Following this, media outlets and anonymous internet reports have pictures that say that she’s pregnant. Kylie, however, denied these allegations, saying that the pieces of evidence are modified to show her pregnancy.

But in 2018, this speculation was confirmed when the young billionaire gave birth to her healthy daughter, Stormi.

In 2019, a lot of rumors spread online, saying that Kylie and Travis aren’t together anymore. It was eventually confirmed, and as of the time of writing, Kylie and Travis are still taking a break from their relationship.

Indulge yourself in this photo compilation filled with Kylie’s bikini photos and more gorgeous shots that features her elegant looking boobs.

Sexy and Hot Kylie Jenner Pictures

Sexy and Hot Kylie Jenner Pictures
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Sexy and Hot Kylie Jenner Photos
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