55 Sexy and Hot Kristin Kreuk Pictures

For anyone who has been a fan of the famous Warner Brothers series Smallville (2001-2011), you may have probably come across this lovely lady with a pair of green eyes, a luscious body, and a captivating smile. Our collection of Sexy and Hot Kristin Kreuk Pictures will take you to another dimension because it is what it is; Kristin Kreuk is a goddess.

She was one of Clark Kent’s love interest, and probably the best one; she has this thing with her smile that can ultimately melt anyone from the inside. That character was a portrayal by Kristin Kreuk, a lovely Canadian actress that will turn you inside out with her beauty and charm. While we talk about her career, personal life, and interests, let’s take a ride through her intricately curated photo gallery.

She was widely known as Lana Lang, Clark Kent’s high school sweetheart in Smallville. Kristin Laura Kreuk is a native of Vancouver, Canada, born on the 30th of December, 1982, just hours away before New Year. Kristin is born of an interracial romance; her Indonesian mother and her Dutch father are both landscape architects. This mixture of races has put Kristin Kreuk into a unique level of attractiveness, in a highly distinctive way.

She auditioned for a role in Edgemont (2001-2005), a Canadian drama series when she was just 17 years old. From this, she got involved in a twin role in the film Snow White: The Fairest Of Them All (2001). She also had the chance to play as Tenar in the miniseries Earthsea (2004), and as Fiona, in the film Eurotrip (2004) with Matt Damon. Kristin Kreuk still has vivid memories of that onscreen kiss with him; it was strange. Sorry, Jason Bourne.

Kristin Kreuk had plans to study at Simon Fraser University with a couple of courses in mind: forensic science, psychology, or environmental science. But when the casting director of Edgemont (2001-2005) contacted her high school to hire a potential actress, she was convinced by her drama teacher to give it a shot, and to her surprise, she got the part.

The casting director was looking for an exotic-looking pretty girl for the role of Laurel Yeung, a Chinese Canadian. Kristin Kreuk is also a model. She was Neutrogena’s longest-serving spokesperson/model. She was a spokesmodel for their global advertising campaign, where she followed the tracks of other teen stars like Mandy Moore and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

What makes her so hot? Well, aside from her green eyes and a charming smile, she also has a beautiful and petite body. She looks so seductive in her bikini photos. Her ass and her boobs look entirely complimentary with her face. She is incredibly attractive, and to be honest, that beauty should be illegal. It has the potential to drive any sane man crazy. 

Sexy and Hot Kristin Kreuk Pictures