40 Sexy and Hot Kristen Bell Pictures

Kristen Bell is the sexy actress behind the voice of Princess Anna in Frozen movies. She is an American born performer, playing different roles for various movies over the years. At an early age, Kristen Bell knew what she wanted to become. Her mother signed her up to the world of acting. She never backed out in auditioning for different roles.

As with other stars of Hollywood, Bell had to audition for several films, before she landed the lead role in the critically acclaimed series, Veronica Mars. At the age of 24, Bell established her name in the film industry.

Who would have thought that this petite woman, known for voicing Anna in Frozen, is a vegetarian? Kristen Bell has been one since she was 11 years old. She became a vegetarian, citing the reason that she cannot disconnect dogs to hamburgers. What an excellent way to stop yourself from eating animals. As the saying goes, “to each their own.”

Despite being a vegetarian, Kristen Bell has a beautiful body. Once you see her in a bikini, you will be asking for more. Not only does she have a slim body, but everything with her is in proportion. Like nothing is wrong, and everything is in their proper places. A special thanks to her vegetarian diet for that hot physique.

Not only is Kristen Bell, an actress, but she is also a singer. Not as recognized as other singers, but Kristen Bell has a great singing voice. Her voice is one you would want to hear when you are into theater, musical, and the like.

One would think that singing and acting are all Kristen has to show. But you are wrong on that one. Aside from these two, Kristen Bell has such a nice ass. Being small, she has a head-turner butt.

Consider a woman’s body as a temple. A temple you have to respect and love. It is a sanctuary needing the utmost care. As with Kristen Bell, her body is a temple. She also has the best boobs, and you cannot help but stare at her body. In previous years, magazines included her name in many sexy polls.

Life may have been unfair to some. But Bell is not one of those. This 39-year-old woman, who is a multi-talented actress, has it all. She may have had struggles, but those did not stop her from looking forward to life.

She has one of those mesmerizing smiles, which could light a room in an instant. In addition to that, she has a great personality. Being a mother to two did not stop her from achieving a sexy body after all these years.

Sexy and Hot Kristen Bell Pictures

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