46 Sexy and Hot Kristanna Loken Pictures

Kristanna Loken is known for her badass skills in several action movies like Terminator 3.  Because of her gorgeous looks and tall frame, FHM magazine named her one of the “100 Sexiest Women in the World”. 

Kristanna Loken was born in 1979 in Ghent, New York. Together with her family, Loken lived a quiet farm life. She is the daughter of a former model and a screenplay writer. Her family came from a rich ancestry of German and Norwegian descent.  

It was Loken’s mother who encouraged her to be a model. At the age of 15, she began her modeling career. One of her first modeling competitions is in the 1994 Elite Model Look, where she won third runner-up.

In the same year, Loken began her career as an actress in the American soap opera As the World Turns as Danielle Andropoulos. Since then, she appeared as a guest star in several TV shows such as New York Undercover, Law & Order, and Aliens in the Family, to name a few.

Loken landed on her first leading role in the martial arts TV series Mortal Kombat: Conquest in 1998. She also starred in the TV movie Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King as Queen Brunhild. Her last leading role on TV is in the sci-fi series Painkiller Jane in 2007. 

Besides her small-screen roles, Loken landed on her big break in the sci-fi action film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines alongside Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger. She played the role of T-X, a cyborg assassin.

Her performance earned an MTV Movie Award as the Sexiest She-Villain and two nominations from Saturn Awards for Best Supporting Actress and Face of the Future.

Since then, Loken has been stereotyped as a female action star. She starred in several fantasy and action films such as BloodRayne, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, and Black Rose.

In an interview with Bulletproof Action, Loken shared that her physical body type and deep voice make her an excellent fit in action genre films. She also has the strength and presence to blend in action roles. 

Aside from acting, Loken is a film producer. She is the executive producer of the 2006 independent film Lime Salted Love. She also co-produced other films, including Darfur, Fighting for Freedom, and Mrs. Sweeney. 

In her entire career, Loken also received two acting nominations as Best Supporting Actress from the films Worn Like a Tattoo and Lime Salted Love. 

As a former model, Loken has appeared in several print magazines and shoots. As a female action heroine, she typically wears tight-fitting leather outfits that outlines her ass and boobs. She also wears lingerie and bikini that shows off her hot body.

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Sexy and Hot Kristanna Loken Pictures