44 Sexy and Hot Kelly Ripa Pictures

Kelly Ripa is still able to pull off wearing a hot bikini attire despite being a wife and a mother already. Below, we have put together an awesome gallery of Sexy and Hot Kelly Ripa Pictures for your viewing pleasure.

The American actress is also known for more of her talents, including dancing, and hosting. From time to time, Ripa manages to produce television shows because of her experience in the industry.

Born to a homemaker and a bus driver, Kelly Maria Ripa grew up a steady childhood life in Berlin, New Jersey. She spent most of the time with her sister, Linda, who has now pursued a career in making storybooks for children.

Kelly is also the first one in the long history of the Ripa family to show interest in the acting industry. Aside from acting, she’s also able to learn several skills starting when she was little, including ballet and playing musical instruments, specifically piano.

After finishing her high school program at Eastern Regional High School, Ripa took a degree in psychology at Camden County College. But after her discovery, while playing in a theater production in high school, she decided to stop her academic career and instead pursue a profession in acting.

Ripa made her first TV appearance in Dancin’ On Air in the year 1986. After the show, she, later on, appeared in Dance Party USA. She also appeared in All My Children as Hayley Vaughan. So far, the series is Ripa’s most prolonged involvement on a TV show, which also made it her most iconic performance.

Before she makes a breakthrough in television, Ripa started on the film Marvin’s Room, a 1996 film co-starring with Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ripa took part in the 2003 primetime sitcom, Hope & Faith. Here, she made progress in her acting career and played as one of the show’s lead role, Faith Fairfield. After three years of airing, the show finally ended.

Ripa made another big leap in her career when she was chosen as a replacement for Philbin in the TV show Live!. It later turned into Live! With Kelly when it premiered in late 2011.

With her past acting experiences and actual on-screen appearance, Ripa’s personality started to become respected, which lead her to landing advertisement projects. She made partnerships with a lot of brands, including Pantene, 7 Up, TD Bank, etc.

She also uses her influence and power as a spokesperson for her charity works. Ripa is known as an active advocate of ovarian cancer research. She partners publicly with the brand Electrolux to help with this venture.

With her sexy and respectable personality, Ripa is easily one of the most trusted TV personality. As a bonus, she also has a well-maintained figure, which we think she achieves through work-out and proper diet.

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Sexy and Hot Kelly Ripa Pictures