45 Sexy and Hot Kelly Hu Pictures

From Miss Teen to Miss Hawaii USA, Kelly Hu features a unique beauty and intelligence. However, she’s not only successful in the pageant world, as this sexy and gorgeous woman also made a wave in the modeling and TV scene.

Born in 1968 in Hawaii, Kelly Hu has a mixed American and Chinese ethnicity. Her parents separated when she was only young, and while that was hard for the little girl, it didn’t stop her from reaching her dreams. During her school years, Kelly Hu has an enthusiasm and passion for singing and dancing. More than that, she also has a massive interest in martial arts since she was young. 

Kelly Hu first started in the pageantry world. In 1985, she joined the Miss Teen USA, then later took home the crown, making her the first Asian American to win the title. 

Two years later, the actress relocated to Los Angeles to chase a career in the entertainment industry. Shortly after she moved to the city in 1987, Kelly Hu got a chance to enter the industry after landing a part in the TV show Growing Pains.

In 1993, the actress also competed in the Miss Hawaii USA pageant, where she also got the crown. That led Kelly Hu to compete in the Miss USA. Although she didn’t win in the national competition, she was included in the top six and went home with the Miss Photogenic award.

After the pageant, Kelly Hu’s acting career flourished further. She gained quite a popularity and got offered appearances in various TV shows. Some of her previous TV projects include 21 Jump Street and Melrose Place. 

Her film debut was in the movie Friday the 13th Part VIII, where she got a minor role. 

During the years when Kelly Hu was only starting to build her acting career, she also began to get praise for her looks and charisma. Maxim magazine made her the cover of one of their issues, making Kelly Hu the first-ever Asian-American to do so. Plus, she’s also got a fantastic figure with ample ass and boobs, which got highlighted in the publication.

Throughout her acting career, Kelly Hu worked with some of the big names in Hollywood, such as Steven Brand, Robert Carlyle, Dwayne Johnson, Ian Somerhalder, and Lucas Till. 

Kelly Hu also appeared in several box-office movies during the height of her career. Some of her notable works on the big screen include Cradle to the Grave, The Librarian: Quest for the Spear, X-Men 2, Batman: Under the Red Hood, and The Scorpion King.

In 2017, the actress also joined the cast of the TV show Arrow, then followed by an appearance in the film Maximum Impact. 

The following year, Kelly Hu landed a role in the television series Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure. In 2019, the actress got a part for the drama film Go Back to China.

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Sexy and Hot Kelly Hu Pictures