44 Sexy and Hot Katherine Langford Pictures

The sexy Australian actress Katherine Langford had her breakthrough for the role Hannah Baker in Netflix’s widely known series, 13 Reasons Why. She’s been active in the acting industry for almost five years now, and most of the projects she is involved in receive acclaim or success. Indeed, Langford is another actress for us to watch, too, primarily because of her hot figure and pleasing personality.

Although she grew up and spent most of her childhood in Perth, Langford was born in Western Australia. Before she found out that she does acting well, Langford has developed a love for music.

In 2005, the Australian actress started taking vocal training. Langdon also enrolled in Perth Modern School, where she nurtured her passion for music and her discovery of her love for acting. While even in school, she learned how to play the piano because of pure inspiration from the artist Lady Gaga. In 2013, she graduated in her school and decided to focus more on acting.

Langford started small, appearing in mostly independent films in 2015. It includes her debut role Story of Miss Oxygen and in 2016, Daughter. Shortly after, Langford tried to audition for a role in the TV series Will; however, she failed to get the part.

Langford never backed down and tried on auditioning for more lead roles. It later on, came when she passed the audition for Hannah Baker in Netflix’s acclaimed series, 13 Reasons Why. As an impressive feat, Langford passed the test through a skype call.

In 2018, Langford returned as Hannah Baker in the second season of the show. It also came with an announcement that she won’t be in the third season of the series anymore.

Langford returned into the indie scene when the actress appeared in 2018’s The Misguided. That same year, she also appeared in Love, Simon, where Langford portrayed the character of Leah.

In late 2018, there was an announcement that confirms that Langford would be returning to Netflix on their 2020 series, Cursed. Here, she will play the character of Nimue, which draws inspiration from the novel of the same name.

The Russo brothers, which are responsible for directing many hit Marvel films, revealed something about Langford. According to them, she is supposed to appear in Avengers: Endgame. They, however, removed her on-screen appearance later on after realizing something.

The hot Australian actress is supposed to star in a future project where she will portray Morgan, Tony Stark’s daughter.

Her recent work is Knives Out, which is an acclaimed 2019 comedy film.

Aside from her performances, Langford’s bikini body also deserves acclaim. With her natural look and beauty, anyone would fall for her in no time.

With measurements of 35-27-35 inches, her big boobs and well-maintained ass are the highlights of our compilation, so suit yourself and enjoy.

Sexy and Hot Katherine Langford Pictures