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Famous for being the modern scream queen, Katharine Isabelle has been a hot persona in countless horror films throughout her acting career.

Born in 1981 in British Columbia, her legal name is Katharine Isobel Murray. It isn’t surprising that the actress ventured into the entertainment world as both of her parents are working in the same industry. Her mother is a producer and writer, while her father is an Emmy Award-winning production designer. 

Although she quickly gets uncomfortable seeing real blood, her acting career mostly revolved in gory films. Throughout her career, Katharine Isabelle got credited under various stage names.

Her on-screen debut was in 1989 when she was only eight years old for an episode in the TV show MacGyver. Following that project, the Canadian actress continued to appear in episodic roles for many other TV series and made-for-TV movies, including Immediate Family, Burning Bridges, Cold Front, The Last Winter, Married to a Stranger, Salt Water Moose, and Children of the Dust.

Katharine Isobel has an actor stepbrother, whom she worked with in the film The Last Winter and Cold Front. She also worked with her father for another episodic role in Schizogeny for the series “The X-Files.”

Shortly, Katharine Isobel started to make a name for herself as a skilled actress. In 1992, she landed a part for the movie Knight Moves. However, her name only started becoming more popular in the acting scene for the teen thriller film Disturbing Behavior in 1998. She worked alongside Katie Holmes, Nick Stahl, and James Marsden in the movie. 

Two years later, Katharine Isobel landed another part for the movie Ginger Snaps. Her performance in the film was a stand-out, leaving an impressive mark in the viewers. It was also the start of what would be a busy acting career for the actress.

The following year, Katharine Isobel got roles in two movies, Turning Paige and Bones. In 2002, the Canadian actress starred alongside Al Pacino in the film Insomnia. That same year, she also worked in a couple of other horror movies, such as Spooky House and Carrie.

In 2003, the actress was in Freddy vs. Jason, followed by two other films the following year, Ginger Snaps Back, and Ginger Snaps 2.

The movies had a couple of revealing scenes. However, Katharine Isobel refused to show her ass and boobs on-screen, requiring a body double in those parts of the movie.

The actress also worked in a couple of indie films, such as On the Corner, Falling Angeles, The Last Casino, Frankie & Alice, Favorite People List, and Everything’s Gone Green.

Aside from projects on the big screen, Katharine Isobel also made numerous appearances in popular TV shows, including Supernatural, Smallville, and Da Vinci’s Inquest. 

In 2012, the Canadian actress got another breakthrough in the controversial movie American Mary, which earned her various prestigious awards. Her other film projects include Torment, 13 Eerie, Lawrence & Holloman, See No Evil 2, The Girl in Photographs, and 88.

Although the actress refused to do revealing scenes on TV and movies, she has an undeniably sexy body. Check out some of Katharine Isobel’s bikini photos to know how remarkable she looks.

Sexy and Hot Katharine Isabelle Pictures