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Katey Sagal grew in Los Angeles, California, to a family of showbiz people. Her father was a former director while her mother was a singer, producer, and TV writer. The majority of her siblings are also actors and actresses. Like her parents, Katey Sagal rose to stardom. Here’s a showcase of the most Sexy and Hot Katey Sagal Pictures plus a complete bio.

Sagal was a singer and songwriter before she began her journey in the  TV and film industry. She started singing when she was a teenager. Her first acting role was a small part in a film that her late father directed. Then, Sagal appeared in TV movies and series with small pieces.

It was 1985 when Katey Sagal landed her first significant role as Jo Tucker on a TV series, Mary. Her role lasted for a year. Her breakthrough as an actress came in 1987. Sagal got the role of Peggy Bundy in the series Married With Children. The show lasted until 1997.

While Sagal was doing her titular part in Married With Children, she still accepted minor roles on different TV shows and movies. By the time her most extended running series ended, Sagal was famous and in-demand.  She got acting roles in Tucker, 8 Simple Rules, Lost, Futurama, and a voice role in Recess.

Katey Sagal got another significant role in Sons of Anarchy as Gemma Teller. The show started in 2008 and ended in 2014. During the duration of the show, Sagal appeared in almost 100 episodes. She appeared in other shows and films such as Pitch Perfect 2, Superior Donuts, Bleed for This, The Bastard Executioner.

During her acting career, Katey Sagal earned many nominations and won 11 awards. In her role as Gemma Teller in Sons of Anarchy, Sagal received a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance. She also won the Best Vocal Ensemble in Futurama from Behind the Voice Actors Awards, five times.

In her role as Kaley Cuoco’s mother (8 Simple Rules), Sagal got the Prism Award for Performance. Also, she won an Innovator Award (from TV Land Awards) for her role in Married with Children. She got her Walk of Fame star in 2014.

Let’s talk about Katey Sagal’s personal Life. Katey Sagal married Freddie Beckmeier when she was 24 years old (1978). She divorced Beckmeier three years later. In 1993, Katey married Jack White (No, he’s the same with the singer of White Stripes). The couple has two children before splitting in 2000.

Four years later, Katey Sagal married Kurt Sutter, and their marriage is still going strong. The couple has a child.

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Sexy and Hot Katey Sagal Pictures