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“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.” What better way to describe the lovely Kari Byron. This crash test girl is a naturally curious and creative being. In an interview, Kari said that she does some art every day, claiming that she’d go crazy if she didn’t. Her ways of following the scientific method made her discover that this logical process is also an ideal tool to solve life’s day-to-day problems. If you want a woman with a thing for arts, science, and creativity, then Kari Byron is for you.

Каrі Еlіzаbеth Вуrоn Urісh, or more commonly known as Kari Byron hailed from Santa Clara County, California USA. Born on December 18, 1974, she finished high school in Los Gatos High School in California and has earned a bachelor’s degree in sculpture and film from San Francisco University in the year 1998. She immersed herself on many art-related projects in South East Asia after graduating from college. This lady is happily married to Paul Urich together with their one and only child. 

She’s not just an actress, but she’s also a producer. She is well known for the science and discovery shows Mythbusters (2003), the Netflix show White Rabbit Project (2016), and Crash Test World (2019). Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman maybe the first to come to mind when somebody shouts Mythbusters, but Kari Byron had a large part of what made the show exceptional. With her, the American-Australian TV show got even more fun, adding humor, flair, and personality and a whole lot of sexy into the show.  

At first glance, she may look like an intimidating ballbuster who likes to domineer, but the truth is she is a sizzling hot chic who has a thing for arts and science. All of her shows involve some of the weirdest science experiments known to television. In one episode, we had a glimpse of Kari in a bikini when Adam and Jamie had to take a virtual scan of her ass. They used this image to mold an artificial ass for an experiment involving airplanes and butts. That brief moment is all that is needed to see the boobs we’ve all wanted to see since the viewer’s “curiosity” increase a little bit every time Kari shows up in a tight shirt. 

Kari Byron is one smart and attractive woman whose passion for arts, science, and discovery will drive you nuts.  Her shows are evidence of how hot a curious woman can be, ready to do anything in the name of science. Her artworks can be seen on her website karibyron.com together with the book she wrote and photos of her having a great deal of fun in life. Everyone needs a Kari Byron.

Sexy and Hot Kari Byron Pictures

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