60 Sexy and Hot Karen Gillan Pictures

Karen Gillan is a sexy, Scottish actress. But who is Karen Gillan? If you are into the Marvel universe, you might have seen her. Yes. She played a role in the various Marvel enterprise, particularly in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers movies.

Aside from her appearance in these movies, she also starred in the new installment of the Jumanji series. In the Jumanji movies, her portrayal of Ruby Roundhouse showed her beautiful and hot body. Her character was a martial arts expert, and throughout the film, she wore somewhat revealing clothes. These were clothes that highlighted her gorgeous ass and pretty boobs.

Standing at a staggering height of 5’10”, Karen Gillan is one, tall lady. Seeing her in a bikini would make someone do a double-take. It is enough to make one look at her and appreciate her body, especially with her long legs. It is not a surprise then that before becoming an actress, she was a model.

Acting at a young age, Karen Gillan has experienced a lot. She did not only tried filming. She also portrayed characters for television and theater. Appearing beside famous actors and actresses, Karen Gillan proved her acting skills.

But there is more to Karen Gillan. In addition to being an actress, this 32-year old is also a filmmaker. As an example, she was the one who wrote and also played in the film, The Party’s Just Beginning. Taking up roles for sci-fi movies is not only Karen Gillan’s passion. She also starred in other genres, such as horror, drama, and romantic comedies.

Having been recognized through her role as Amy Pond in the series, Doctor Who, Karen Gillan has reached a long way. But it is not only her acting skills that captivated the hearts of many. She is also an energetic woman, and one can see that in some of the roles she landed all these years.

Karen Gillan is also a redhead, another addition to her wonderful physical attributes. However, in 2015, she lost that red hair when she completely shaved her head in playing Nebula in the Guardian of the Galaxies series. What a loss for that great, red hair.

One fun fact about her is that despite being Scottish, Karen Gillan is a permanent resident of the United States of America, having relocated in 2013. People can also consider her as an advocate for humanitarian activities, such as promoting mental and breast cancer awareness. Karen Gillan is still a young actress.

She may face different challenges in the future. She could land different roles, do other genres that she does not normally do. But the sure thing is, this sexy, redhead from Scotland will remain in the film industry for many more years to come.

Sexy and Hot Karen Gillan Pictures

Sexy and Hot Karen Gillan Pictures
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