60 Sexy and Hot Julia Michaels Pictures

Julia Michaels of Los Angeles is a talented singer/songwriter who is known to create R&B-dancing pop music. Born as Julia Carin Cavazos on November 13, 1993, at the state of Iowa, her family eventually moved to Santa Clarita, California, where the talented lady would grow up exposed to different genres.

By the age of 11, she would receive a baby grand piano as a present and would spend most of her days playing the instrument. A year later, Michaels would discover her passion for singing and music all together.

Julia was already an influential figure in the music industry by the age of 16 and had already adopted the stage and pen name Julia Michaels and was previously co-writing songs for artists like Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Linkin Park, and Fifth Harmony. She would eventually start performing as a featured artist in songs such as Kygo’s Carry Me and Jason Derulo’s Trade Hearts.

She was also one of the performers in the closing of the Rio 2016 Olympics. Michaels released his debut solo single, “Issues,” in 2017. The song was a hit in the charts around the world, going multi-platinum in the US, Australia, and Norway. The song also appeared on her first Extended-Play release, Nervous System, which arrived in the summer of 2017.

Her EP reached the Top 50 of the Billboard 200 and earned the sexy artist a Grammy nomination for the categories, Best New Artist and Song of the Year. 2017 was the year when she co-wrote and sang the hit electronic music single “I Miss You” with the group Clean Bandit, which captured the hearts of fans around the globe.

She has toured with multiple artists as an opening act while still having a successful tour of her own – a sign that sexy songstress is here to stay.

Julia’s Instagram boasts a massive 2 million followers – her Instagram page features pictures of her on tour, friends, and her favorite places to travel. There are also random performance videos posted on her profile.

It’s a rare treat to see the singer in a bikini or do sexy photoshoots that show her boobs and ass, but when she does, it is guaranteed to drive you wild. She is currently in a stable relationship with fellow singer/songwriter JP Saxe, whom she met while working on a song.

The couple released a song titled “If the World Was Ending” shortly after they confirmed their relationship status.

The gallery contains beautiful photos of the hot and young singer. Images that highlight her alluring beauty and petite built, that is sure to leave you wanting for more. It features photographs of her throughout several photoshoots, events, red carpets, and more.

Sexy and Hot Julia Michaels Pictures

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