51 Sexy and Hot Jodie Foster Pictures

If you are a millennial born between the 1980s to the mid-1990s, you may not be aware that there is such a Hollywood celebrity who is the ultimate. She receives plenty of superlative descriptions, which she deserves for being a prolific showbiz figure. This Hollywood luminary is an excellent, award-winning actress. Plus, she has maintained being a sexy, blue-eyed, and brown-haired stunner all these years. Guess who she is? Yes, it is no less than Jodie Foster.

In this article, we will give you fascinating tidbits about Ms. Foster’s extraordinary life and career. Also, we will show you how she is, indeed, a hot babe. You will love our visual treats featuring Jodie’s bikini-perfect body, curvaceous boobs, and tight, alabaster-white ass. You will believe us that Jodie is undoubtedly the living goddess of Hollywood. So let us begin.

Jodie Foster is the screen name of Ms. Foster herself, whose real first name is Alicia Christian. Her birth date is November 19, 1962, which makes her zodiac sign Scorpio, a Water symbol. Furthermore, Jodie is a native of the City of Angels. Yes, that is right. She is a certified Angeleno. Jodie’s scholastic records present that she studied at the Lycée Français de Los Angeles.

Her educational experience enabled her to gain mastery of French. Plus, she delivered the valedictory speech for the French unit of her school on her graduation in 1980. Also, you will feel wowed more. Are you aware that Jodie finished magna cum laude at Yale University? She majored in literature at the prestigious Ivy League institution and graduated with flying colors. 

Jodie’s stellar showbiz career started in the late-1960s. She appeared in various well-known TV series, such as “The Partridge Family,” “Love Story,” “The Paul Lynde Show,” and “Nanny and the Professor.” Furthermore, this Hollywood superstar landed roles in movies made for TV. They include the titles, “Alexander,” “Rookie of the Year,” and “The Secret Life of T. K. Dearing.” Meanwhile, Jodie’s award-winning performances in her films are evident in “The Silence of the Lambs,” “The Accused,” “Taxi Driver,” “Bugsy Malone,” “Nell,” and “Contact.”

Did you know that Jodie has taken home two Oscar awards, two Golden Globe prizes, three British Academy Film Awards accolades, one Independent Spirit recognition, and one Screen Actors Guild prize? She is truly magnificent. Also, Jodie garnered numerous nominations, including one Daytime Emmy and two Primetime Emmy. 

Jodie has had quite a busy and remarkable life in the entertainment industry. However, she was still able to concentrate on having her family. This hot lesbian Momma has managed to raise her two sons named Kit and Charles quite well. Furthermore, Jodie has never failed to sexually excite her male fans with her 34-24-33 inches svelte body.

Through the years, this 5’3″ tall beauty has not shown herself gaining weight or packing unnecessary pounds. Thus, besides Jodie’s sharp intellect, acting excellence, and motherhood skills, her tight white ass and soft white breasts have been the grounds why her fans hail her as Hollywood’s most excellent superstar.

No doubt, Jodie deserves to have her star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame for being the best she could be. We bet you cannot wait to lay your eyes on the hot pics of Jodie now. So here they are. Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot Jodie Foster Pictures

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