46 Sexy and Hot Jill Valentine Pictures

As an avid gamer who has followed the “Resident Evil” video game series, you must have found yourself adoring Jill Valentine. There are plenty of reasons why she deserves your admiration. This fictional character is loyal, smart, and courageous. Plus, Jill is an independent woman with an impressive military background. If you have come to our website to see more of Sexy and Hot Jill Valentine Pictures, we assure you that you will not regret giving us two minutes of your sweet time. We are going to provide you with exciting facts about Jill. Besides, if you want to see more of her super-sexy images, then you are on the right track.

We have the best pics collection featuring Jill’s hot, bikini-perfect physique. Also, they offer teasers of her steamy boobs and tight ass. So are you ready to experience Jill now? Let us first tackle a little bit about her background. Jill Valentine is an American citizen. Her birth year listed online is 1974. Moreover, this five feet and five inches tall symbol of “girl power” has French and Japanese lineages. Jill’s debut appearance was in the 1996 survival horror video game that Capcom released. The Japanese video game development firm believed that it was best to partner her in “Resident Evil” with Chris Redfield.

The creation of Shinji Mikami, a director, and Isao Ohishi, a designer, appears as an ex-Delta Force member. Jill first worked with Chris Redfield in combating the evil pharmaceutical firm Umbrella Corporation. Together they thwart the company’s bio-terrorist activities, including the creation of bio-organic weapons or BOWs, as well as the zombies. Jill’s other involvement comprises becoming a founding component of the Bio-Terrorism Security Assessment Alliance. This group is a part of the United Nations.

As a fan of Jill, you are quite aware that she has garnered the expertise in explosives disposal during her educational stint at Delta Force. Also, she has tremendous experience in handling bomb materials, weapons, and performing lock-picking. This member of the special operations team of STARS, which is short for Special Tactics and Rescue Service, is sleek and sexy, too. You will agree with us that Jill looks quite empowered as she wears her blue-colored signature outfits.

Fans of Jill recognize her easily with her blue assault pants, shoulder and neck armor, blue beret, and a light-blue form-fitting shirt. Among the other variations of her attire in the different “Resident Evil” video games is her STARS uniform, which consists of a casual black shirt and jeans. Also, she wears a pair of boots and a sleeveless blouse with the STARS logo at the back.

You must also appreciate Jill’s diverse hair colors and styles in the “Resident Evil” games. One of them is long and tucked into her beret, in a bob, and low ponytail. Plus, Jill has varying hair hues, such as brunette, blonde, and brown. As one-half of the protagonists in the “Resident Evil” video games, films, novelizations, and other media, Jill has bagged praises.

Video game magazines describe her as among the most famous and iconic characters in the video game industry. Also, they lauded her for being approachable, consistent, as well as for being equally skilled and capable as her male counterparts.

Besides being faithful to Chris Redfield and her fellow military, Jill has also received positive feedback for being reliable, sturdy, and beautiful. She is determined and has a robust sense of justice. Jill is a quick thinker and features the capability to remain pacified under challenging situations as well.

This “Resident Evil” heroine is undoubtedly wonderful inside out, isn’t she? Since you adore Jill, here are the visual treats featuring her sexually stimulating physique. Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot Jill Valentine Pictures