46 Sexy and Hot Jill Flint Pictures

Jill Flint was born in Cherry Valley, New York, United States on 25 November 1977. The beautiful starlet, and is married to Drew Conrad. The pair is currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. She comes from a family of racecar drivers. Jill Flint made her debut appearance in the 2004 film ‘Garden State’ as an arrogant lady. Then in 2006, she appeared in three episodes of ‘Conviction’ as Lisa Sandorff.

She then made a cameo appearance in an episode of ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’ the same year. The hot actress then proceeded to work on the movie titled ‘On Broadway, ‘ which got released in 2007. Jill also gave life to a recurring character in the ‘Six Degrees’ drama. Flint also started assuming the role of Bex in the popular teen TV series ‘Gossip Girl.’

Soon after that, she took part in the TV movie ‘Blue Blood’ as well as the films ‘Cadillac Records’ and “The Kid.”  In 2009 the sexy woman was featured in the show ‘Royal Pains’ and ‘The Good Wife’ simultaneously as the fictional characters of Jill Casey and Lana Delaney. She started to appear in the medical series ‘Nurse Jackie’ within that year as well. Jill Flint then starred in the 2010 show titled ‘Mercy.’

The blonde beauty made the flick ‘Fake’ the following year. She then made waves in the popular crime show ‘CSI: Miami’ and the flick ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ shortly after. In an ‘Elementary’ episode, Flint made a surprise appearance in 2013, which delighted the viewers of the show. She then began playing Dr. Jordan Alexander ‘s role in the television series ‘The Night Shift’ the preceding year. She also played a part in the ‘Bull’ series. 

Flint, who people vastly admire for her stunning American features, is an amiable and charismatic lady. Her striking features and beaming smile are appropriate to capture anybody’s attention within just a brief look. The hot blue-eyed siren enjoys being active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and has over tens of thousands of supporters on these websites for social networking. She has a total of 77 thousand followers on Instagram. Her profile contains sexy selfies, images of her dog, and promotions for her current projects.

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She is known to have perky boobs and a tight ass guaranteed to drive anybody crazy. Jill Flint is bound to become a household name within the near future. Her acting skills know no bounds.

Sexy and Hot Jill Flint Pictures