48 Sexy and Hot Jewel Staite Pictures

By looking at the sexy pictures of the Canadian actressJewel Staite, you probably agree that she is an epitome of hotness and beauty. Learn more about her as you browse her photos and know more information about her and her works. Find out what makes Jewel Strait as attractive as she is now. 

Jewel Staite‚Äôs birthdate is June 2, 1982. She is from White Rock, British Columbia, but spent some three years living in Maui. 

She has six siblings and the youngest. According to her, she has Iroquois, French Canadian, British, and Irish roots, which are the factors for her hot appearance. She went to the Vancouver Film School. She worked in Vancouver Youth Theatre by performing some acts. 

She used to be married to Matt Anderson. They got married in 2003, where Morena Baccarin was her maid of honor. However, their marriage lasted for eight years before she moved on to find the love of her life. 

Jewel had been in a long relationship with Charlie Ritchie before announcing their engagement in 2015 and her pregnancy in that same month. In December of that year, she gave birth to her first son Wilder Cathcart Ritchie. In 2016, Jewel and Charlie got married. 

Jewel was a child when somebody notices her potential as a star, which proves that women do not have to be in a bikini to show their skills. She was only five and was at the mall in Vancouver at that time when somebody discovered her potential.

Jewel started acting and modeling at the young age of six. 

Her film debut was when she got to play the role of Samantha in the movie Gold Diggers: The Secret of the Bear Mountain. After that, Jewel performed in more films like Carpool, Cheats, the Pact, and more. 

She has also become famous for her TV shows like Are You Afraid of the Dark, Stargate Atlantis,  and more. Jewel took some roles in some episodes of famous TV shows like the X-Files, the Good Doctor, and a lot more. 

It only proves that she can kick ass as an actress even though she is not as tall as the other actresses in mainstream movies. 

Jewel starred in the TV series, Firefly, where she had to gain pounds. After several years, Jewel also became a part of the spin-off movie of this series, which entitled Serenity. She lost some weight at that time, but still resumed the primary role for it. 

Jewel played a role in the Vancouver Film School short film Meeting Dad and won as the best actress. Aside from acting, she also lent her voice in Sabrina: The Animated Series.

Jewel joined a ceremony for the AIDS memorials, which tributes the names of the victims. It only proves that Jewel is not only a pretty face, body, and boobs, because she is an actress with a heart and talent.