50 Sexy and Hot Jessica Simpson Pictures

Jessica Simpson is one hot woman who took the entertainment, music, and fashion industries by storm. Before we dive into her life details, don’t miss the Sexy and Hot Jessica Simpson Pictures we have put together below.

She’s a talented artist that appeals to the heart of the masses worldwide. Shortly after she graced the TV and movie screens, she became a sexy media darling and an up-and-coming international star.

However, the life and career of the pop star were like a roller coaster ride. She experienced incredibly great moments, along with unexpected lows.

Jessica Simpson started her professional music career singing Christian songs, which landed her a record deal during her teenage years. However, her start in the industry didn’t pan out as she hoped for, causing her to make a transition towards pop music.

Her music career also came with a rocky start after her debut album stayed unreleased because her previous label went bankrupt. Fortunately, Columbia Records owned by then-husband of the famous singer Mariah Carey discovered Jessica Simpson then later signed her.

She gained a level of success after that, although it wasn’t par with Britney Spears who was topping charts around the same time. She released her debut album under Columbia Records in 1999, which was titled Sweet Kisses. It includes some of her famous songs like “I Think I’m In Love With You,” “Where You Are,” and “I Wanna Love Your Forever.”

Jessica Simpson’s popularity only reached heights when she and her husband, Nick Lachey, appeared in Newlyweds, their reality TV series. Later, her “In the Skin” album release gained impressive fame. She followed it with the successful launch of her beauty product line.

The American pop star released a couple of albums after that, including ReJoyce: The Christmas Album in 2004, A Public Affair in 2006, and Do You Know in 2008. She also released another Christmas album in 2010.

While working in her music, Jessica Simpson also appeared on the big screen. She portrayed the character of Daisy Duke in the 2002 movie The Dukes of Hazzard. Her other movie credits throughout the years include Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous, Blonde Ambition, The Love Guru, and Employee of the Month.

Jessica Simpson also appeared in other projects and shows such as The Twilight Zone, The Ashlee Simpson Show, Entourage, That ‘70s Show, The Biggest Loser, I Get That a Lot, Funny Die Presents, and A2Z.

In 2005, Jessica Simpson ventured into the business industry with the launch of The Jessica Simpson Collection. She then followed that with a maternity clothing line after giving birth to her first child in 2012 and a perfume release as well.

In 2008, she also went back to the TV scene, taking part in Dancing with the Stars then later became a judge in Project Runway in 2010. She also took part as a mentor and judge in Fashion Star in 2012.

In 2013, Jessica Simpson launched another product line, decors, draperies, and beddings this time. Two years after that, she followed it with a workout clothing brand, Warm-Up. Aside from her achievements, Jessica Simpson was also the number one hottest woman in 2004, according to Maxim magazine and number two steamiest southern star, based on E!’s list. Here are Jessica Simpson’s bikini photos as proof of the pop star’s beauty and charisma.

Sexy and Hot Jessica Simpson Pictures

Sexy and Hot Jessica Simpson Pictures
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