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At 39 years old, Jessica Pare seems to have only grown even more stunning and sexy through time. She actress remains as vibrant as ever. 

Born in Montreal, Canada, Jessica Pare features an incredibly icy beauty that is unlike any other, especially with her porcelain skin and brown eyes. Although she may not have the most voluptuous ass and boobs, the actress is well known for her attractive well-toned body, which serves best for the action in most of her TV appearances. With a height of five feet and eight inches, Jessica Pare is not someone easily missed.

In terms of her career, Jessica Pare started a bit late, compared to some Hollywood actresses her age. She began appearing on the TV and movie screens only in 2000. Her first on-screen appearance was in the film Stardom. She played the leading role of a small-town young girl, Tina Menzhal, thrust into a glamorous world and the spotlight in the fashion industry.

Jessica Pare initially sent an audition tape for a minor role in the movie. However, her innocence and stunning beauty got her the leading role instead. That proved to be a breakthrough role for the Canadian actress as the film received positive reviews, so did her beauty and acting skills. 

The following year Jessica Pare appeared in the movie Lost and Delirious. She landed another leading role, playing the character of Tori Moller. In 2002, the Canadian actress appeared in two different, but equally successful films. 

Jessica Pare landed another leading role in Canadian movie Posers, playing the character of Andria, who is a hardcore party poser. Her other movie in 2002 was Hollywood/Bollywood, where she got a supporting role as Kimberly. 

Over the years of her acting career, the Canadian actress appeared in several other projects. Some of her works were in TV films such as Bonanno: A Godfather’s Story. She was also part of the highly successful miniseries Random Passage. 

Jessica Pare also got the leading role for the TV film The Death and Life of Nancy Eaton in 2004, which aired on CTV. That same year, the Canadian actress also appeared in Lives of the Saints and made her Hollywood debut in the film Wicker Park. Also, in 2004, Jessica Pare joined the cast for the WB series Jack & Bobby, where she appeared in 21 out of 22 episodes of the series.

After a busy year, Jessica Pare’s acting career continued to shine. The Canadian actress went on to appear in several other American productions, both on the big screen and television.

In 2010, Jessica Pare also joined the cast for the series Mad Men, appearing in the last 49 episodes of the series. 

Her more recent film credit includes Suck in 2009, Hot Tub Time Machine in 2010, and Brooklyn in 2015. Since 2017, Jessica Pare also joined the cast of the SEAL team, a military drama TV series where she starred as Officer Mandy Ellis.

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Sexy and Hot Jessica Rabbit Pictures