54 Sexy and Hot Jessica Lucas Pictures

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She is one of the fiercest actresses to show up on television in recent years, and it is safe to say that Jessica Lucas is here to stay. Born in Vancouver, this sexy celebrity has a Black Canadian father and Euro-Canadian mother. None of her immediate family was into show business, but the young star developed a passion for acting early on in her childhood.

At seven years of age, the actress has been training with a Toronto-based theater school for children. Soon after, she started joining local stage productions, some of which include Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, Music Medley, Cinderella, and Grease.

Jessica Lucas’ first appearance on television is on an episode of the sci-fi series Seven Days. She then secured a leading role in the hit Canadian teen series Edgemont. In five seasons, the show tackled a variety of issues like racism and homosexuality and other concerns of adolescents during that time.

Her next primary role was in the television series 2030 CE, a post-apocalyptic show revolving around a group of young rebels intending to destroy a controlling society. Although with an outstanding cast and exciting premise, the network canceled the show due to lacking financial support and low ratings.

The next few years are lucrative for this hot actress. She consistently obtains lead roles on a few more television series. She starred on the teen drama Life as We Know It, Melrose Place, Friends with Benefits, the mystery thriller Cult, and the crime drama Gracepoint.

Jessica Lucas’ most notable role is probably Tabitha Galavan on the action drama Gotham. Considered as a prequel to Batman, the series received critical acclaim throughout all five seasons. As the supervillain Tigress, the beautiful celebrity had to show a much darker and ruthless side. Though the character eventually dies, Jessica Lucas kills every scene with her intensity and charisma.

So it comes as no surprise when this talented actress gets cast in movies of the same nature. Her film credits include The Covenant, Cloverfield, Amusement, Evil Dead, and Pompeii. After the last one, Jessica Lucas focused more on her TV career as there are no further movies after 2014.

The singer-actress has a net worth of 4 million dollars. She is quite reclusive and remains mum about her private life. But she did publicize her commitment to chef Alex Jermasek in 2017. They have been in a romantic relationship since 2013. The actress has official Twitter and Instagram accounts, though she rarely uses those platforms.

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Sexy and Hot Jessica Lucas Pictures