60 Sexy and Hot Jessica Ashley Pictures

American singer and songwriter Jessica Ashley is famously known for her stage name, Harloe. With her stunning look and sexy figure, Jessica is truly a complete package.

Jessica Ashley Karpov was born in 1992 in Queens, New York. Her family came from a rich ethnicity of Russian and Romanian descent.  She has a sister named Suzanne, who works as an opera singer. 

As a young child, Jessica was indeed talented. Jessica has been performing since she was 17. Right after high school, she enrolled at a performing arts school in New York to improve her musical skill.

Jessica gained popularity by uploading cover songs on her Youtube channel. She also plays piano and guitar. Most of her songs vary from R&B, soul, and pop.

Jessica began her music career in 2009. She started as a featured vocalist. She has been working with hip-hop and rap artist Spades since 2011. Some of their music collaborations include “Mr. Mystery,” “Live & Learn,” and “One More Night.”  

In 2012, she released her debut mini-album as Jessica Ashley, Prelude. She also produced three music videos for her album singles, which gained millions of views on Youtube. The following year, Jessica signed up with an artist management company in Los Angeles.  

Jessica took the stage name Harloe in 2016. Later on, she introduced her first non-album single, “All in My Feelings.” In 2017, she also released a new single called “More Than Ever.”

Following her success, Jessica signed a contract with Epic Records. In 2020, Jessica released her second mini-album Rivers Run Dry with Roc Nation.She also lent her singing voice for the animation series Carole & Tuesday.

Since then, Jessica has been releasing albums and writing songs for renowned music artists. She wrote songs for popular pop icons such as Madison Beer, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, and Zayn. Her latest collaboration is with Canadian singer Celine Dion with the song “The Hard Way.”

Jessica is fully active on her social media. She has an Instagram account, where she has 8,000 followers along with 104 posts up to date.

Most of her snapshots in her profile include album photoshoots and her music gigs. She loves wearing tight-fitting tops and stylish pants that accentuate her ass and boobs. The American singer is also fond of wearing outfits and bikinis that reveal her hot figure.

She also keeps herself busy by uploading Tiktok videos, performing exercise routines, and posting photos of her occasional trips around Los Angeles. She is also an avid pet lover and owns a brown colored pooch. She often uploads selfies with her dogs on her social media accounts. Know more about the brown-eyed belle by checking out her photo gallery.

Sexy and Hot Jessica Ashley Pictures

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