60 Sexy and Hot Jessica Alba Pictures

Hollywood actress turned one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in America under 40, Jessica Alba has an undeniable allure in the big screen, T.V., or in person. She’s a sexy and talented actress, and accomplished in every aspect of her life. Our showcase of the best Sexy and Hot Jessica Alba Pictures will tell it all.

When she was five years old, she became quickly enamored with the idea of being an actress. From Mississippi, Jessica Alba’s parents moved several times along with her father’s career until they settled in Southern California when she was nine.

When Jessica Alba was 12, she attended her first acting class, making true of her early dreams of gracing the Hollywood scene one day. Not long after setting foot in an acting class for the first time, her career was in for a treat. Only nine months after that class, Jessica Alba got an agent. 

Her acting performance and love for the craft even grew to different height when she attended the Atlantic Theatre Company. From a young girl dreaming and wanting to be in the movies, Jessica Alba quickly rose to be a gifted young actress.

Since her early years, Jessica Alba played a wide range of roles, from gritty drama to light comedy. She made her movie debut in Camp Nowhere, a 1994 Hollywood Pictures comedy film. However, she didn’t land the role in the movie because of her undeniable talent.

It was because of her hair that matched the previous actress for the character who dropped out. Her two weeks of opportunity to be in the film stretched to a couple of months, earning her a remarkable first credit.

Shortly after that, she earned a J.C. Penny, and Nintendo national T.V. commercials then went on to appear in several independent films.

In 1994, Jessica Alba branched out to the T.V. scene. Her first appearance was in the 1994’s The Secret World of Alex Mack, a famous comedy series in Nickelodeon. The following year, she landed a role for the 1995 series Flipper, where she was a regular until 1997.

The 1990s have been busy with this hot actress. Among her many movies and T.V. credits include Venus Rising in 1996, The Dini Petty Show in 1996, and P.U.N.K.S. and Brooklyn South in 1998.

In 1999, Jessica Alba landed two leading roles in movies Idle Hands and Never Been Kissed, the Dark Angel, and Paranoid in 2000.

She made another breakthrough for starring in a major studio film Honey in 2003 and made more than 25 feature films later. That includes Sin City in 2005, playing The Invisible Girl in Fantastic Four, Valentine’s Day in 2010, The Killer Inside Me, Little Fockers, Spy Kids 4-D: All the Time in the World in 2011.

She was also part of the movies Escape from Planet Earth in 2013, A.C.O.D., Machete Kills, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and many others.

Aside from her flourishing career, Jessica Alba is also an accomplished businesswoman, having founded a $1.7 billion company, Honest. Not only that, but Jessica Alba is still also one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood.

Looking at her profile and many bikini photos from her summer getaways, she’s got toned boobs and butt that you wish you have.

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