50 Sexy and Hot Jes Macallan Pictures

This sexy American actress has been working in the entertainment industry for over 12 years, and Jes Macallan has starred in some high-profile television shows since she started. With her gorgeous looks, this beautiful blonde started her Hollywood career as a model. Let us discover what she has been up to for the past few years.

Like most actresses in Hollywood, this stunning celebrity developed a passion for the performing arts early on in her childhood. She took dance lessons since she was three years old, but a knee injury caused her to stop pursuing it as a profession. Instead, the talented star took up a business degree from the University of Florida.

Jes Macallan, at nearly six feet tall, worked as a model during her first few years in the industry. She underwent training at the Maggie Flanigan Studio, a unique workshop for young artists who want to learn the Meisner technique.

This hot blonde had her film debut in 2008, where she appeared in three films at a minor role. These movie titles were Ocean’s 7-11, One, Two, Many, and Identity Crisis. The next few years proved to be similar, as Jes Macallan has not starred in a leading role on the big screen. The motion pictures she participated in are Behaving Badly, Hired Gun, Being Bin Laden, The Football Fairy, Kiss Me, Thirst, and Self E.

Jes Macallan has a more impressive resume on television. Her debut happened on the comedy-drama Shameless, featuring William Macy and Emmy Rossum. The show has been running for ten seasons, with a go-signal already in place for the next one.

She had guest appearances in a few more shows like Justified, The Protector, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS: Los Angeles, Femme Fatales, and The Mentor. In 2013, Jes Macallan hit it big with a starring role in the mystery drama Mistresses. The program has a naughty streak, with its fair share of sex scenes. 

The actress has even gone naked, baring her boobs and ass on the set for a passionate romp. However, she has confessed on one interview that filming those raunchy acts felt awkward. We applaud this fierce woman because none of that discomfort ever showed in her spectacular acting.

The attractive celebrity tied the knot with fellow actor Jason Gray-Stanford in 2012. The couple when she was only 23 while working at a film festival. Before her marriage, the actress dated Jeremy Renner for nearly five years. Though she does not have any children yet, Jes Macallan pours all her mothering instincts in rescuing pets. Feel free to browse through our exclusive collection of bikini photos of this beautiful blonde.

Sexy and Hot Jes Macallan Pictures