40 Sexy and Hot Jeri Ryan Pictures

Jeri Lynn Zimmermann came from a humble home. She was born on February 22, 1968, to parents Sharon and Gerhard Zimmermann in Munich, Germany. Her childhood was made up of multiple homes since her father was in the army. The family of four had to move from Kansas and several other states until they finally settled in Kentucky when her dad retired.

Ryan always knew she was going to be in the arts. In college, she studied at Northwestern University and got the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Ryan was also crowned as Miss Illinois back in 1989. She then became the representative in the Miss America pageant and came in third.

Jeri Lynn’s career started when she immersed herself in the county of Los Angeles. She appeared in several sitcoms such as Who’s The Boss? and Melrose Place. Then, Ryan’s breakthrough came in the TV series called Dark Skies, where many saw her potential in the science-fiction world.

Following her Dark Skies role, she got a cast to be a Borg drone in the movie Star Trek: Voyager. Her character, Borg drone, was freed from the collective thinking. Her role then got reprised for the series Star Trek: Picard, which got an increase in ratings. In an interview, Ryan revealed that she had a hard time returning as her role in the fourth season of Star Trek. Since Star Trek: Picard got filmed 20 years after Jeri’s first roles as Seven of Nine, she had a hard time finding the character’s voice again.

Jeri Ryan’s role in both Star Trek series has proved that you don’t need a bikini to flaunt that big boobs and tight ass; you need a tight suit.

After the success of her role as Seven of Nine, Jeri ventured again into films. She got a cast in the thriller movie, Dracula 2000, where she got to reveal her hot body. Jeri also appeared in the movie Down with Love and in The Last Man as a lead role.

Ryan went back to her TV series roles after being a vampire in Dracula 2000. She appeared in the series Boston Public and the pilot episode of The Commuters in 2005. She had a couple of other guest appearances in other TV series like The O.C., Shark, and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

In 2011, Jeri appeared as Sonya Blade in the web series Mortal Kombat: Rebirth until she landed as a regular in the series Body of Proof.

Her latest work got seen in the fourth season of Star Trek that aired on CBS last January 2020.

Jeri Ryan has a son with a politician, Jack Ryan after they got married in 1991. After the divorce, Jeri met Chef Christophe Émé in 2003, got married in 2007, and had a daughter. 

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