60 Sexy and Hot Jennifer Lopez Pictures

Jennifer Lopez is a sexy Latina and American actress turned singer, and dancer, and fashion designer. She’s a constant hitmaker. At age 50, she had already accomplished many things

First off, Jennifer Lopez is a Puerto Rican, whose father worked as a computer technician and her mother as a homemaker. She grew up in the Bronx, New York, and this place was also her birthplace. At the age of seven, she knew she wanted to become famous and started performing. Throughout her childhood, Lopez spent her time in lessons of singing and dancing.

Before she made it big in the music industry, she landed several roles in film and television and joined dance shows. By the time she reached 30, she already starred in some blockbuster movies.

Jennifer Lopez’s big break came when she starred as Selena and when she released her album On the 6. She won a Best Actress Award in her acting role in Selena. Since then, her career took off. After filming Selena, Jennifer Lopez pursued and concentrated more on producing songs in a different genre.  She sang nearly all kinds of styles, from R&B to hip-hop, and from Latin to pop dance.

Her single “If You Have My Love” reached the Billboard Top 100, making her the first female artist to gain such honor besides Britney Spears. Aside from this top-grossing title, Jenny from the Block and All I have are two of her hit singles that sold more than a million copies.

Jennifer Lopez also starred a lead role in The Wedding Planner, which was a box office hit. Her co-star was Matthew McConaughey. The film grossed at more than $90M worldwide. Reports showed that the film and the music hit number 1 at the same within the week.

Another box office hit where Jennifer Lopez starred was the Monster-in-Law. She earned $15Million, which made her the highest-paid female artist in 2005. Jennifer Lopez co-starred with Jane Fonda.

Jennifer Lopez was also the first female artist to launch her fragrance collection after Elizabeth Taylor’s collection in 1991. Her fragrance became an instant hit to fans and women worldwide. This instant hit became a trendsetter among Hollywood actors and actresses.

This hot mama of two children received multiple nominations and awards throughout her years in Hollywood. She also became one of the renowned judges and mentor of many singing and dance competitions, producing pure talent individuals.

Jennifer Lopez had many relationships in the past and only two children from one of her ex-husbands. Recently, she got engaged with Alex Rodriguez and will marry him this coming summer. Jennifer Lopez also receives praises for her physique when wearing a bikini and body-hugging clothes. One time, she got the nickname La Guitara from friends and colleagues because of her nicely shaped waist, ass, and boobs. Even her age of 50, Jennifer Lopez maintained her figure by leading a healthy lifestyle.

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