60 Sexy and Hot Jennifer Garner Pictures

Jennifer Garner is an award-winning, talented American actor, born on April 17, 1972, to William John and Patricia Ann.  A middle child of three siblings, she sought to make a difference against her accomplished older sibling. Below is a review of her career and a look at her attractive side with an amazing collection of Sexy and Hot Jennifer Garner Pictures.

Jennifer Garner grew up in a conservative family. She remembered her parents forbidding her and her sisters to wear make-up or pierce their ears during their teenage years. Jennifer Garner finished her high school in Charleston and enrolled in a university course at Denison University in Ohio.

At first, she took a major in Chemistry but later changed it to a theater performance. Jennifer Garner spent studying at the National Theater Institute in Connecticut and graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Performance. During her study in the institute, Jennifer Garner worked in stock theatre during summers.

After graduation, Jennifer took some small roles for years before landing her most significant break in the industry. One of her more notable performances is her role in Felicity. Directors noticed her and cast her in a lead role.

In 2000, Jennifer Garner landed a leading role in Alias. During the series, she learned martial arts and Taekwondo. Besides, the sexy artist performed her stunts while shooting the series. But, her fearless disregard of a double almost caused her life.

When Jennifer Garner shot the scenes in Daredevil,  she got entangled in wires causing her to lose her balance. Luckily, Ben Affleck, who was her boyfriend at that time, saved her.

While doing her Alias series, Jennifer Garner appeared in several films that became a blockbuster. One of the movies has the title Catch Me If You Can, under the direction of Steven Spielberg, which she co-stars along with Leonardo DiCaprio. She also starred as a lead role in 13 Going on 30 with Mark Ruffalo. Jennifer Garner also did a spin-off to Daredevil film, Elektra.

Her recent projects were Love, Simon, Peppermint, and Wonder Park. These projects are worlds apart in the genre. Love, Simon, is a romantic comedy while Peppermint is an action film. Wonder Park is an animated film where she lent her voice to one of the characters.

Over the years, Jennifer Garner gained multiple awards and received numerous nominations. She won 1 one Golden Globe Award, and 1 Screen Actors Guild Award. Her most notable nominations came from the Primetime Emmy Award.

Two years ago, Garner got her Hollywood Walk of Fame. During the awarding ceremony, she invited the whole Garner clan.

Garner married twice. First, she married Scott Foley, who was a co-star in Felicity. The marriage lasted for four years and ended in divorce. Later on, she married Ben Affleck. The couple has three children, but their marriage ended in 2017.

Aside from acting, Garner also is the endorser and spokesperson of MaxMara. MaxMara is an Italian fashion brand. Now, we bring you some hot pics of Jennifer Garner in a bikini, showcasing her perfect body, ass, and boobs.

Sexy and Hot Jennifer Garner Pictures

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