50 Sexy and Hot Jennifer Carpenter Pictures

At age 40, American actress Jennifer Leann Carpenter is still able to do hot and daring roles as she did before. She’s better known on-screen as Debra Morgan and Rebecca Harris because of her two notable TV show appearances.

With her fantastic portrayal of countless supporting roles, she’s truly more than just a woman with big boobs, but rather a talented individual that always pushes through the next level.

Carpenters grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, with her parents. She enrolled in several schools before attending Walden Theatre Conservatory. After finishing her intentions in the conservatory, Carpenters went to New York and registered for a 4-year program at Juilliard School. There, she studied drama from 1998 to 2002.

While in Julliard, Carpenters had an opportunity to debut in a stage play in Broadway’s The Crucible. Here, the young aspiring actress co-starred with Laura Linney and renowned Liam Neeson.

2005 marked Carpenter’s debut in the film industry when she starred in The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The project is acclaimed by critics and audiences, putting Carpenter into the spotlight. The next year, she received three awards from MTV Movie Award and Scream Awards.

Her breakthrough performance allowed her to land a role in the 2008 film Quarantine. The project was a US adaptation of the original Spanish movie with the same name.

Carpenter also started starring in Dexter, a series that premiered on Showtime in 2006. Once again, her performance attracted attention from the critics.

She returned to theater in 2011 when she got an invitation to appear in the stage play Gruesome Playground Injuries. The cast performed in Second Stage Theatre, it was also Carpenter’s first time to star in an off-Broadway play. That same year, CBS invited her to appear in the series The Good Wife.

In 2014, ABC announced that they are working with Carpenters on the TV show Sea of Fire. Although it aired a pilot episode, the network refused to make it into a series due to poor viewership.

Aside from on-screen acting, Carpenters lends her voice to the character Juli Kidman in the video game, The Evil Within, which released for consoles and PC in 2014. Her voice re-appeared in the game’s DLC. The Evil Within had a sequel in 2017, but Carpenters did not re-appeared on it.

We saw more of Carpenters’ bikini body when she starred in Limitless. The show premiered in CBS in the year 2015.

She returned to television in 2019 when she took the lead role in The Enemy Within. The next year, Carpenters lends her voice to Sonya Blade in the direct-to-video film, Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge.

With a pleasing academic background and impressive career history, Jennifer Carpenter makes a great actress of this generation. We compiled her ass and full-body pictures to show our appreciation of her beauty and talents.

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