47 Sexy and Hot Jennie Kim Pictures

Jennie Kim is truly one of the sexually attractive nymphets in the Korean music scene today. This hot babe is young and 100-percent sexy. Hence, this undeniable fact has made the bachelors from around the globe not only want to watch Jennie in her live, electrifying performances but also to meet her in person and date her. We have great news for you if you want to see and download more of Jennie’s titillating pics. This article is all about the sizzling-hot K-Pop babe. We have collected her sexually enticing pics that feature her bikini-perfect physique. You will surely get sexually tempted as the photos give luring peeks of Jennie’s sexy Asian boobs and tight, young ass.

We know you feel like jumping straight to the bottom of this online discussion. But it would be great, too, if you learn some facts about this South Korean bombshell. Jennie’s birth name is Kim Je Nie. Her birth date listed online is January 16, 1996, which makes her zodiac sign Capricorn. As of June 2020, Jennie is a tempting lady who is merely 24 years young! You surely would love to fantasize about this Seoul-born beauty all day and all night. When Jennie was an elementary school student, her family toured Australia and New Zealand. 

Jennie studied at Cheongdam Middle School, New Zealand’s Waikowhai Intermediate School, Chungdam High School, and ACG Parnell College in Auckland. Her Mom wanted to migrate to Florida in the United States. Plus, she had wanted her daughter to become a teacher or a lawyer in America. However, Jennie expressed her desire to become a K-Pop musician. The South Korean artist has been active in the entertainment industry since 2012.

Jennie joined YG Entertainment after successfully making it with Rihanna’s tune, “Take a Bow,” as her audition piece. Since then, she has worked as a rapper and singer. The genres of her song cross over hip-hop, K-pop, and dance-pop. Also, you must have admired Jennie as one of the members of Blackpink. As of June 2020, this four-member South Korean girl band is the highest-charting, female K-Pop girl group on both the US Billboard 200 and Billboard Hot 100. Their famous songs, including “Kill This Love,” have been well-received worldwide. Jennie and her ensemble’s YouTube page has been the most-subscribed as of September 2019, too.

You will never get tired of daydreaming about Jennie, considering that she is talented and hot. This 5’4″ tall stunner has a sexually attractive physique that fits elegant size-4 dresses. Furthermore, Jennie is a black-haired and black-eyed head-turner with cat-like eyes that her male fans find cute. She owns the handle @jennierubyjane on Instagram, and as of June 2020, she has amassed more than 27.8 million followers already! Jennie has, indeed, transformed herself as a prominent music influencer.  

If you are a hard-working man, then you could be Jennie’s type. The K-Pop artist has confirmed this attribute that would make her fall for a man. Also, “Jendeuk” or “Jendeugi” (Yes, these are Jennie’s nicknames) has been linked to BTS’s RM and Exo’s Kai. We want you to continuously adore Jennie for being a sexy, talented, and promising young K-Pop star with the following sexually captivating images of hers. Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot Jennie Kim Pictures