43 Sexy and Hot Jenna Marbles Pictures

Jenna Marbles shows off her sexy personality through her YouTube Channel. With over 3 billion views on her video and over 20 million subscribers, Marbles makes it to the top 100 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels list. She mostly does vlogs, which in this generation is the most popular form of entertainment in the social media platform.

Marbles were born in the bustling city of New York. Despite having a career on YouTube, she was able to finish a degree in psychology, as well as sport psychology and counseling.

Marbles started her YouTube channel in early 2010, and since then, she uploaded videos about psychology on human behavior. Most of her uploads reach millions of views in a matter of days, which helped her popularity to skyrocket.

Her YouTube on-screen surname, “Marbles,” was taken from her beloved pet dog’s name, “Mr. Marbles.” She changed it from her original surname after her mother petitioned to her about her content, that it might affect her work. It turns out that a simple search of her original name through any search engines would easily display her YouTube channel.

Marbles appeared in one episode of the YouTube series, Epic Rap Battles. She played the role of Eve, and she battled Adam in that particular episode. In 2013, Marbles made it into YouTube Rewind, an annual recollection of everything that has happened to the video streaming platform.

Because of her YouTube success, she made an appearance in one season of Ridiculousness. Aside from acting and frequent guesting, Marbles also hosts a podcast alongside Julien Solomita, her boyfriend. They talk about different topics on the podcasts, including conspiracy theories.

Marbles also frequently collaborated with the worldwide YouTube sensation, Shane Dawson, on some of her podcast episode. Dawson is also famously known for his affinity with conspiracy theories, which means that he can contribute well to Marbles’ podcast.

Jenna Marbles is also responsible for creating the brand Kermie Worm & Mr. Marbles. Her creation mainly focuses on manufacturing toys that resemble her pet dogs. She also tried becoming an executive producer of the film Maximum Ride in 2016.

Marbles started dating Julien Solomita in 2013. Her boyfriend is also a YouTuber like her. Both of them are active in their social media accounts, which lets fans to have a look at how they are doing together.

The couple often goes into vacations, and they document it by uploading it on Instagram. Most of the time, Marbles wears a bikini, which shows off her hot yet straightforward body.

Marbles have also chosen to become a vegan starting the year of 2015. She is very public with her decision, and since then, we can see how much it affected her diet, thus improving her figure.

If you haven’t know how Marbles look yet, consider it as the perfect time to have a look in our collection. We only compile quality photos that feature Marble’s ass and boobs.

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