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Born on March 7, 1974, this plus 40 American actress is native to Indiana but now residing in Missouri. Her real name is Regina Marie Fischer. She landed her first acting role in 1998 in theatrical comedy, which led to signing a contract with an agent.

However, Jenna Fischer’s acting career had a rough start. For three years, she struggled to land roles in film and television. However, her appearance as a waitress in Spin City in 2001 proved to a successful one because her career started to take off from here.

While she accepted roles after roles, she directed a mockumentary film entitled Lollilove, where her then-husband James Gunn co-starred with Judy Greer, Linda Cardellini,  Lloyd Kaufman, and Jason Segel. This film was her only directing stint.

Lollilove might be her only directing stint, but she won two awards from this film. The awards are Screen Actors Guild Emerging Actor Award (2004) and l    Independent Soul Award (as director, 2005). Aside from these awards, she also won awards on her role in the sitcom, The Office.

Her most notable role is the character of Pam Beesly in The Office, an NBC sitcom. Jenna Fischer got a nomination for an Emmy Award in her role in this sitcom. During its final season, she became a producer.

Aside from being an actress, a director, and a producer, Jenna Fischer is also a writer. She published her first book in 2017. Her book discusses an actor’s life and how to survive the world of film and television. The title of her book is The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide.

Her married life is far from perfect. She divorced James Gunn in 2008 and remarried Lee Kirk in 2010. She birthed two children. Despite her imperfect life, she did her best to retain a sexy, perfect body. Even though she’s 46, she’s one hot mama who isn’t afraid to wear a bikini and show off her ass and her boobs.

To maintain this fit and sexy figure, Jenna Fischer does extra training sessions throughout the year. She takes these additional sessions because she knows that on holidays she can’t help but eat a lot. Contrary to her role in The Office, she never favors vending machines and wants to eat preservative-free food. Jenna Fischer loves sushi and eats it one to two times a week.

Jenna Fischer has a body that suits any style and fashion and will still look sexy no matter what style she dons. However, she’s not much of a fashionable person. She prefers comfort over fashion and even has a penchant for hoodies bought in malls.

Jenna Fischer is also a cat person and has a pet named Andy. According to her, Andy is her stress-buster, and its purr relaxes her. Well, here are some pics of Jenna Fischer and be the judge of how sexy she is despite her age.

Sexy and Hot Jenna Fischer Pictures

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