41 Sexy and Hot Jean Grey Pictures

This sexy redhead is one of the strongest mutants to have ever lived, which makes Jean Grey the hero of choice when it comes to overwhelming power. Created by the beloved Stan Lee, this fierce individual appeared on the first X-Men comics in 1963.

Her superhuman abilities include telepathy and telekinesis. Though she has multiple powers, her telepathy is at the Omega level.  Of the thousands of mutants on Earth, she is one of the rare Omega categories, meaning the limit of her power is indefinable.

Jean Grey grew up in a loving family, with an intellectual father and an older sister named Sara. She unintentionally connects to her best friend’s mind. When her companion dies in a tragic car accident, the episode left her in a comatose state. Her parents enabled the help of Dr. Charles Xavier, considered the most powerful telepath.

To help her regain consciousness, he suppressed her skills until such time that she will be able to control them. When Jean Grey grew older, Xavier engages her to join his team and takes off the block on her powers.

The hot character has been popular on the silver screen in the past two decades. The ethereal Famke Janssen represented her in the first X-men movies, while the beautiful Sophie Turner portrayed the younger version in the recent reboots.

Jean Grey has two love interests, Cyclops and Wolverine. However, she eventually married Scott Summers. The couple has no children in the current timeline, but the lovely redhead met three offspring who came from an alternate timeline. Her daughter Rachel Summers adopted the moniker Prestige. She has the same telepathic and telekinetic abilities as her mother. She also has two sons named Nathaniel Grey and Cable.

In one of their missions to space, Jean Grey had to bring their damaged shuttle back to Earth. In doing so, she exposed herself to lethal doses of radiation. When the desperate heroine called out for help, The Phoenix Force answered as it became moved by Jean Grey’s devotion to her comrades. This event marks the appearance of Phoenix.

When she became corrupted by evil, Jean Grey turned into the Dark Phoenix. With this form, no one else can defeat her except herself. In the movie, she could not control her immense powers. In his attempt to save her from herself, Cyclops got killed in the process. 

Her other love interest, Wolverine, also struggled to rescue her. With his superhuman regenerative abilities, he managed to subdue her. However, that incident was not the end of her story yet. Jean Grey is the desired character among all the X-Men with her beauty and power. All of her costumes accentuate her fantastic boobs and ass. Feel free to browse through our collection of bikini images of this deadly superhero.

Sexy and Hot Jean Grey Pictures