44 Sexy and Hot Jayne Mansfield Pictures

This sexy blonde was a significant sex symbol in the classic Hollywood years, although Jayne Mansfield’s career only spanned over a decade. Her private and public lives made headlines, so let us discover this bombshell’s origins until her untimely death.

The lovely celebrity came from a small nuclear family, with her father practicing as a lawyer in New Jersey. When he died in 1936, her mother remarried a sales engineer, and they moved to Texas. 

Like most actresses in the industry, Jayne Mansfield dreamt of making it big, like the iconic Shirley Temple. She took classes in ballroom dance, violin, piano, viola, Spanish, and German to increase her skill set. The aspiring artist did not neglect her academics, consistently receiving high grades in all her subjects, including mathematics.

As was the case during those times, the stunning celebrity married early, tying the knot with Paul Mansfield at age 17. The couple shared the same dream and studied acting at Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Austin.

Jayne Mansfield struggled with starting her acting career. By this time, she had already participated in beauty contests and local theater productions. However, she failed to impress executives from Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros.

Instead, the hot celebrity captured the attention of Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner. The blonde became one of the magazine’s early Playmates, boosting its popularity. She appeared in several covers, baring her generous boobs and ass to the camera. Her sensational pictures helped propel her to become one of the sex symbols of her generation. 

Her early film appearances were on Female Jungle, Pete Kelly’s Blues, Hell on Frisco Bay, Illegal, and The Burglar. Her first starring role was in the musical comedy The Girl Can’t Help It, and the film received critical and commercial success.

Her management company marketed her as a blonde bombshell in an attempt to replace Marilyn Monroe, but the actress had a challenging time shedding this image to secure other roles. Her film appearances eventually declined, although Jayne Mansfield remained popular in nightclub events.

Apart from film acting, the talented artist released an album and participated in numerous theater productions. She also sang soundtracks for some of her movies, including Too Hot to Handle, Homesick for St. Pauli, and The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw.

After her divorce with her first husband, this scandalous celebrity had two other marriages with actor Mickey Hargitay and producer Matt Cimber. She had a total of five children from all three relationships.

The actress passed away in 1967 as a result of an automobile accident. Feel free to check our collection of bikini photos to relive this Hollywood icon’s glory days.

Sexy and Hot Jayne Mansfield Pictures