50 Sexy and Hot Jane Fonda Pictures

This sexy award-winning actress has been in the entertainment history for more than five decades, amassing more than 50 unique movie and television titles to her name. Undoubtedly, Jane Fonda has become one of the most notable names in Tinseltown for all generations.

Apart from her illustrious parents, Jane Fonda has carved a name for herself with critically acclaimed films like The China Syndrome, On Golden Pond, and The Newsroom. She was also a former model and fitness guru.

The hot Hollywood royalty has a net worth of 200 million dollars. Apart from her extensive career, part of her worth comes from her family’s expensive estate. Even at her advanced age, Jane Fonda uses her social media platforms to voice out her causes. Her Instagram has more than one million followers, while her Twitter account has nearly that amount.

She is an outspoken advocate of various crusades, including feminism and environmentalism. Jane Fonda has anti-war sentiments and did a tour on several college campuses to raise funds for Vietnam Veterans Against the War. The government even subjected the lovely actress to communication surveillance in the 60s.

Apart from her acting and activism, Jane Fonda has written an autobiographical book titled My Life So Far. Book critics gave favorable reviews and appreciated the poignancy it offered.

This beautiful woman has married thrice and divorced all of them. Her first relationship was with the late French director-producer, Roger Vadim. They met in 1964 during the production of the drama film, Circle of Love. It was the first time a distinguished American actress bared her boobs and ass in a foreign movie. The couple worked on a total of four films.

Her second relationship was the longest of the three. She spent 17 years with the late activist, Tom Hayden. Their only son, Troy Garity, went on to become an actor as well. Her last husband was the wealthy TV executive, Ted Turner. The media mogul founded the American networks TBS and CNN. Though they have no children together, many considered the two as a power couple.

The talented celebrity is currently single. Instead of seeking validation from men to prove her value, Jane Fonda has dedicated the rest of her life to her various social causes.

Her latest work is the web comedy series, Grace and Frankie. Together with actress Lily Tomlin, the show has received numerous nominations from award-giving bodies. It has received a go-signal for its seventh and final season.

We look forward to seeing Jane Fonda as the hilarious Grace on television for the last time. While waiting, feel free to browse through our massive collection of bikini photos of this Hollywood legend.

Sexy and Hot Jane Fonda Pictures