42 Sexy and Hot Jamie Lee Curtis Pictures

Jamie Lee Curtis is one hot artist who has been gracing the different parts and nooks of show business for years. She’s an actress and director, a producer, and also an author, who gained massive success in her every venture. She is also a very attractive woman, as shown by the gorgeous gallery of Sexy and Hot Jamie Lee Curtis Pictures we have put together.

Born from actor parents, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, it’s not surprising that Jamie Lee Curtis also went to the acting world. In 1976, she left college after only a month at the University of the Pacific in California to pursue a career in show business. 

In 1978, Jamie Lee Curtis made her acting debut in the horror movie Halloween. During that year, the film gained massive success, the highest-grossing independent film, which brought the actress’ name to a level of fame. It also jumpstarted her acting career, and before long, she landed a significant role in another horror film.

With her parts in countless horror movies, Jamie Lee Curtis became the “scream queen” on the big screen. Her other movie appearance that earned a massive box office success is The Fog in 1980. 

That same year, the actress also appeared for the leading role in another horror movie Prom Night. Aside from being a huge success, the film also earned Jamie Lee Curtis the Best Performance Award from the Canadian Genie Award. 

Jamie Lee Curtis continued to work on various horror movies in the 1980s. In 1983, the actress won an award from the BAFTA for her supporting role in the movie Trading Places.

Jamie Lee Curtis also ventured into the TV scene late in the 1980s. Her first appearance on the small screen came after lading a role in the TV show Columbo in 1989. The actress also got the starring role in the sitcom in Anything But, which aired until 1992. It also earned Jamie Lee Curtis another award from the People’s Choice and Golden Globes.

Jamie Lee Curtis has been in show business for years, and she remains an active persona in the movie and TV scene. She’s gained box office success, and her acting talent won her various awards as well. It proves that the actress is more than just hot and boobs in Hollywood.

She got another nomination from the Golden Globes for her part in The Heidi Chronicles, a TV show in TNT. The actress also followed that with the TV film Nicholas’ Gift in CBS. She even went back to the big screen for Disney’s 2003 film Freaky Friday.

In recent years, Jamie Lee Curtis appeared in another Disney movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua in 2007 and the comedy film You Again in 2012. The actress was also in the five episodes of NCIS in 2012. 

In the heights of her acting career, Jamie Lee Curtis also worked on tons of children’s books. 

Meanwhile, here are some sexy Jamie Lee Curtis bikini photos to prove why she was among the 10 Best Bodies in America in the 1980s, according to the Mcall’s magazine.

Sexy and Hot Jamie Lee Curtis Pictures