50 Sexy and Hot Jaimie Alexander Pictures

At 36, Jaimie Lauren Alexander is still as hot as ever. If you love the Marvel cinematic universe, you might have known her for her portrayal of Sif in the Thor film series. Aside from film acting, Alexander is also active in starring roles in various TV series.

With her sexy personality and overflowing sex appeal, any men would fall under her spell in an instant. Before you scroll through our compilation of Alexander’s bikini pictures, it is best to read her brief biography first.

Alexander spent most of her childhood starting at the age of 4, happily together with her family. At an early age, she already got into acting. Alexander continued doing so until her high school years, but with her inability to sing, the American actress instead transitioned into sports.

But Alexander’s true calling is her passion for acting, so when he finished her college program, she immediately went to Los Angeles to make her dream come true.

As her debut film, The Other Side performed well in terms of critics score and audience reception. Alexander’s leading role in the movie was given to her after she helped male actors with their scripts. The director overheard their practice, and upon realizing her skills, he immediately told her to become the lead.

After several leading film roles, Alexander had an opportunity to appear in a TV show with a recurring role. In 2007, she started filming for the episodes of Kyle XY. The series acquired a large following, which also helped with Alexander’s popularity as an actress at that time.

In 2011, Alexander made it into the blockbuster scene when she starred in Marvel’s Thor on-screen adaptation. She played the role of Lady Sif, which is an essential supporting character in the film.

She also appeared with the same portrayal on Thor: The Dark World in 2013. Alexander also carried her role as Sif to the TV series Agents of SHIELD.

In 2011, Alexander gained a contract to be in the second season of Covert Affairs. Her character, however, only lasted for three episodes.

Alexander returned into movies in 2013 when she played a role in Savannah, a film depicting a true story that happened around the 1900s about an aristocrat and a slave. That same year, she co-starred with action superstar, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the movie The Last Stand.

Starting in 2015, she joined the cast of Blindspot that premiered in the NBC network. Alexander continued starring in films and TV series, and her notables ones include Broken Vows, London Fields, and Ridiculousness.

Jaimie Alexander is known for wearing backless attires that are more than enough for her fans to be happy. Her slim figure also allows her to wear various types of dresses when she attends awarding ceremonies and movie premieres. If you want to see more of her, then waste no more time and check out our perfect compilation of Alexander’s boobs and ass that will please anyone, even non-fans.

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