50 Sexy and Hot Jaime Ray Newman Pictures

With her hazel eyes and golden brown locks, American actress and producer Jamie Newman is indeed a total babe. She is known for her porcelain skin and sexy figure in several fashion magazines.

Jamie Ray Newman was born in the city of Farmington Hills in Michigan in 1978. At a young age, Newman discovered her interest in performing. She starred in the stage play A Rosen by Any Other Name at 11 years old.

Newman pursued her theatre career at several regional productions in Detroit. In eighth grade, starred in the theatre play Oklahoma! as Ado Annie Carnes. She also spent her summer vacation at an art camp, where she got recognized for her acting skills.

In high school, she won first place at a dramatic competition for three years in a row. She later founded the Apollo Theatre Productions at age 16.

Newman majored in English and drama at Northwestern University. As a drama student, she founded an annual festival devoted to women in the field of arts.

Right after college, Newman started her professional career as a member of a jazz quartet. She also landed several acting roles in short films, such as Star Quality, Lonesome Matador, and Raw Footage. The actress also worked with the renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg in Catch Me If You Can with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Over the years, Newman consistently starred in both feature and short films. Her most recent performance is at the fantasy feature film Valley of the Gods, where she played as Laura Ecas.

Aside from her film work, Newman made her first TV appearance in the sitcom The Drew Carey Show as Tina. In the following year, she landed a role at the medical drama General Hospital as Kristina Cassadine.

Since 2003, Newman appeared as a regular guest star in several hit TV series, such as CSI, Supernatural, and Bones. She also appeared in the fantasy TV series Grimm, where she fearlessly shows off her hot body in black lingerie. In 2020, she starred at the Hulu miniseries Little Fires Everywhere for three episodes.

The TV actress also starred in several plays in Los Angeles since 2007. She appeared in Fat Pig, Some Girl(s), and The Gift.  

Currently, Newman lives with her husband, Guy Nattiv, in Los Angeles. Nattiv is an Israeli-born writer and director. The couple has two daughters, Alma and Mila Nico.

Together with her husband, they run the New Native Pictures production company. In 2018, Newman produced her first biographical feature film Skin, with her husband as the director. The film won Best Live Action Short Film at the Oscars. 

When it comes to fashion, Newman likes wearing body-hugging clothes that outline her ass and boobs. She also shares some of her photos in her social media account. In an Instagram post, the actress confidently poses in her bikini with a matching summer hat.  Get to know more of Jaime Ray Newman by checking out her stunning photos.

Sexy and Hot Jaime Ray Newman Pictures

Sexy and Hot Jaime Ray Newman Pictures
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