47 Sexy and Hot Jada Pinkett Smith Pictures

This sexy blonde is a staple of America’s morning news, and Sandra Smith has built a successful career as a news journalist. Let us take a look at this lovely woman’s history if you want to know more about her.

Sandra Smith was an athlete in her youth, participating in competitive cross country, and even qualified for state competitions. Apart from sports, the beautiful celebrity also earned honors throughout her high school days.

She attended college at Illinois State University before transferring to Louisiana State University, where she participated in several track events. Her father was a professional floor trader, and many of her relatives worked in the financial district. This detail led her to graduate with a degree in business.

Years before we saw her on television, Sandra Smith started her professional career as a research associate. She first worked at Aegis Capital Group, an investment firm managing funds for American clients. Her next jobs brought her to Hermitage Capital Corporation and Terra Nova Institutional, where she gained experience and expertise in anything investment-related.

With such a formidable financial background, it was no surprise she first appeared on television at the Bloomberg channel. That network focused on business and the capital market, broadcasting worldwide in millions of viewers’ homes.

In 2007, the hot blonde joined FOX Business Network and appeared in numerous shows. She became a regular in the popular radio show hosted by Don Imus. Other guest appearances include Fox Business Happy Hour, Hannity, and Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld.

Currently, the gorgeous celebrity hosts America’s Newsroom, a show airing every morning from Monday to Friday. Viewers wait not only for the current news events but also for the appearance of this lovely female.  Sandra Smith never fails to wow the crowd with modest but figure-hugging outfits that emphasize her generous boobs and ass.

As a public figure, the news reporter has thousands of followers on her Twitter account, who regularly updates her audience about breaking news in the country. Her Instagram also has numerous subscribers, and her feed has throwback and behind the scene photos.

She married commentator John Connelly in 2010, and they have one beautiful daughter. With an estimated net worth of two million dollars, this woman makes news reporting a lucrative affair. 

Sandra Smith has not taken a different direction from journalism since she started, but we look forward to seeing more of her on our TV screens. Feel free to check out our exclusive bikini collection of this ravishing female.

Sexy and Hot Jada Pinkett Smith Pictures