60 Sexy and Hot Jackie Guerrido Pictures

Jackie Guerrido must have caught your eye as she does her job as a TV weather forecaster. Indeed, she possesses that plump and sexy ass that made your eyes glued on her on TV. Also, Jackie has a sizzling-hot physique that her foxy butt complements. Her boobs are jaw-dropping as well. If you want to see Jackie’s sultry bikini-perfect body, you can expect some delightful visual treats from us shortly.

We have gathered the best images of this Latina hot babe, highlighting the perfect butt that has made you want to stare at her more.

But who is Jackie Guerrido? How did she earn the limelight? Allow us to tell you a little bit about this striking TV personality. Jackie is a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her birthdate is September 24, 1972, which makes her zodiac sign Libra, an Air symbol. Furthermore, Jackie is a college-educated public figure.

She attended the University of Florida, where she got her journalism training. Plus, she obtained her meteorology education at the University of Miami.

As a meteorologist, Jackie caught the attention of Univision. This Spanish-language TV network employed her as the weather forecaster of “Morning News on Channel 23,” otherwise known as “Al Amanecer de Noticias 23.” This show is the then-morning programming of WLTV, the flagship of Univision. Jackie also titillated with her grab-worthy ass when she served as the weather presenter for “Wake Up America” for several years.

In the United States, this TV program, which also has the title “Despierta América,” is one of the most famous TV shows among the Hispanic community. Furthermore, the Puerto Rican head-turner delivered the weather report in “First Impact” or “Primer Impacto,” the afternoon news-magazine program of Univision. She appeared with fellow journalist Bárbara Bermudo.

Jackie has replaced Bárbara as co-anchor of “Primer Impacto” as of January 2017. Since then, she has appeared alongside Peruvian-American journalist Pamela Silva Conde. Besides her weather forecasting talent, Jackie, indeed, stuns with her hourglass-shaped physique. Her butt is her fantastic asset that enhances her 37-25-35 inches body. Moreover, you will surely find Jackie enticing with her long eyelashes, plump lips, and shapely jawline.

These attractive features make her have a foxy face. Her elegant legs make her extra-hot as well. Are you aware that this light brown-haired and dark brown-eyed Hispanic beauty is a Mom-of-two? She is the doting mother of daughter Adieny Núñez and son Tomás Ramírez. Jackie stands at 5’3″ tall, and she was the former partner of her ex-husband named Don Omar. Yes, he is the reggaeton superstar.

If you are a fan of Instagram, you can find Jackie there via her handle @officialjackieg. She has more than 876,000 followers on the famous, Facebook-owned photo and video-sharing platform as of June 2020. Besides being a journalist, Jackie identifies herself as a TV host, actress, and radio talent as per her Instagram profile. She shuttles between Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami for her work and family life.

By now, we know that you are very much looking forward to gazing at the awesome pictures of Jackie’s terrific ass, so here they are. Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot Jackie Guerrido Pictures

Sexy and Hot Jackie Guerrido Pictures
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