52 Sexy and Hot Iskra Lawrence Pictures

If you have grown tired of viewing pin-thin models all these years, you will surely appreciate Iskra Lawrence. She is a British plus-size model who is more than her hot curves. Iskra preaches body positivity, encouraging women from around the globe to be fearless to stand out. If this mini preview makes Iskra sexy for you because she is more than her physical attractiveness, then read on. You will not regret giving us two minutes of your sweet time because we will offer you interesting tidbits about the famous beauty and fitness influencer. Also, you will love our visual treats at the bottom of this article, featuring the jaw-dropping images of Iskra’s curvy boobs made more tempting by herself wearing steamy bikinis of various hues, styles, and brands.

Before we give you teasers of Iskra’s titillating breasts as well as her plump ass, let us first get to know her a little bit. Iskra Lawrence has the middle name, Arabella. Her birth date is September 11, 1990, which makes her zodiac sign Virgo, an Earth symbol. Furthermore, Iskra is a British citizen, with her birthplace listed online as Wolverhampton, a city located in West Midlands in the United Kingdom. Iskra entered the modeling industry in 2008. Since then, she not only presented fashionable creations but also inspired women to feel confident in their skin. Moreover, Iskra has drawn from her harrowing journey towards entering the modeling business. When she was younger, she had desired to become a professional model. Nevertheless, Iskra shared that plenty of agencies rejected her for not being huge enough for a plus-size model. Also, she mentioned that the modeling firms did not accept her because she was too sizable for a straight-size endorser. With all of these experiences, the 5’9″ tall busty charmer shared that she had grappled from having low self-confidence. 

However, Iskra confirmed that she wanted to serve as a body positivity ambassador to other women. Therefore, the blue-eyed and blonde-haired epitome of sexiness had created her image on the Internet. Iskra grew exhausted of the norms of the modeling business, so she shared pictures of her sizzling-hot, plus-size body. As of May 2020, Iskra has more than 4.6 million followers on Instagram. She owns the handle @iskra on the well-known, Facebook-owned photo and video-sharing platform. Furthermore, Iskra has gained praise and popularity for sharing un-retouched, unfiltered, and unedited pics of her curvaceous physique.

Aside from being a brand ambassador and inspirational speaker, Iskra has become a social media influencer who teaches body positivity. This hot Momma-of-one has employed her sexy 38-29-44 inches body as a paradigm for other huge women to adore themselves. Thus, Iskra has gained massive support in her advocacy of women developing a positive physique image. Moreover, she argued that women should make their jeans fit them and that they should not lose weight to make their trousers fit them. After all, Iskra relayed that it is the loss of the jeans manufacturer if their pieces of clothing do not match their plus-sized female customers. We want you to admire Iskra more with these steamy images highlighting her enormous boobs. Plus, you will surely remember her for being a positive role model, making huge women feel respected and valued. Enjoy!