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India Eisley is the daughter of David Glen and Olivia Hussey. Her mother was an actress, and so is her grandfather. Born on October 29, 1993, she appeared in Headspace alongside her mother. India was 12 years old when she made her first appearance. We hope you like the Sexy and Hot India Eisley Pictures we have published below. You will have treat browsing through them!

After her movie appearances, India Eisley landed some minor roles in different independent films. In 2008, India Eisley earned a casting in a T.V. series. She played a significant role as Ashley Jurgens. So far, the T.V. series was her breakthrough. The series aired in T.V. until 2013.

After her extended stint in the T.V. series, India Eisley played the role of Sawa in the film Kite with a released date of 2014. India Eisley starred alongside Samuel L. Jackson. That same year, she got another part in Social Suicide. The film is a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. 

Her next project was another film titled The Curse of Sleeping Beauty as Briar Rose. A year after, she appeared in T.V. adaptation of My Sweet Audrina, written by V.C. Andrews. India Eisley also starred in Netflix film, Clinical. In 2018, she landed a leading role in Look Away. Her role was Maria, in which India Eisley co-starred alongside Jason Isaac.

In 2019, India Eisley got the character of Fauna Hodel in I Am the Night. She appeared alongside Chris Pine. The series lasted for six episodes and came from a memoir.

As of today, this sexy actress has a net worth of $2M. This net worth is the culmination of playing different roles throughout the years. India Eisley played minor, supporting, and significant roles in movies and series.

India Eisley is a famous personality. However, her relationship is never under public scrutiny. India seemed to keep a tight lid of this information. Perhaps, she focused her attention on honing her acting skills. Besides, India Eisley is still young. She still has a long way ahead.

India Eisley is one of those female celebrities who have a hot bikini body. With a measurement of 35-25-35 inches, she has an hour-glass figure with perfectly shaped ass and boobs. Aside from these physical features, India Eisley has a charming face with green eyes and brown hair.  These features add to her charm that makes her look like a teenager instead of a twenty-something person.

India Eisley uses social media to share her pictures and beautiful quotes. India Eisley has thousands of Instagram followers who wait for what the actress has to say.

All in all, India Eisley is a talented actress, who shows some promise. As of now, she doesn’t have any nomination or award yet.

Sexy and Hot India Eisley Pictures