44 Sexy and Hot Hope Solo Pictures

It’s not easy to be an athlete, especially a famous and well-decorated one. One of the things that athletes have to maintain is their strength and body, which involves proper diets and tons of workouts. With all the work they have to put into the game, it is not surprising that most athletes have some of the best figures, and Hope Solo is no different. 

As one of the top pro goalkeepers, the stunning body of Hope Solo with shapely ass and boobs isn’t just for show. She’s got immense strength and power as well, proving that she didn’t become one of the most recognizable people in women’s football all over the world for no reason.

Before Hope Solo rose to fame in the sports industry, she was once a little girl who loved soccer. When she was only 12 years old, the athlete already expressed her love for the sport, although soccer wasn’t available for women yet during that time.

However, when she was in high school, Hope Solo was starting to be an achiever. Her soccer team in Richland High School won back-to-back leagues for three years, from 1996 to 1998, all thanks to her 109 total goals. In 1998, Hope Solo also led her team to win the state championship.

Because of her abilities and success in high school, Hope Solo received tons of college invitations. However, she chose the University of Washington. While at the university, her coach shifted her from forward to the team’s goalkeeper, where she stayed and excelled even further. 

Before long, Hope Solo was a popular name in town, becoming the best goalkeeper in the Pac-10 history. She graduated in 2002 with a degree in speech communications and an all-time leader in goals, saves, and shutouts compared to average.

During the WUSA Draft the following year, the athlete was selected fourth during the first round. She became part of the Philadelphia Charge.

Throughout her career, Hope Solo achieved tons of awards and recognition. During her sophomore and senior years, the athlete got named as the NCAA All-American and later became the first goalkeeper to get a Hermann Award nomination.

In 2004, Hope Solo moved to play for Sweden’s top women’s soccer division. The following year, she was part of the French First Division. Also, the athlete recorded the longest undefeated streak with 55 games for a US goalkeeper. 

Over the years, Hope Solo became a famous face in the FIFA World Cup and Summer Olympics, going on to win the gold for the US team in 2008. Three years later, she won the second Olympic gold for the team. 

Before Hope Solo left the US soccer team in 2016, Hope Solo amassed an impressive record. She got her 197th cap, 150th career win, and 100th international shutout.

Aside from being on the field, Hope Solo also showed off another version of her. In 2011, she joined Dancing with the Stars, which highlighted her talented, alluring, and hot persona on the dance floor. 

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