60 Sexy and Hot Holly Taylor Pictures

With her talent and charming looks, many fans adore Canadian actress and dancer Holly Taylor. Apart from dancing, this 22-year-old actress loves lounging at the beach in her sexy swimwear outfits.

Holly Taylor was born in the eastern province of Canada on a Halloween day in 1997. She came from a family with rich Irish and Scottish descent. Her parents raised her in New Jersey.  

At the age of three, her family signed her up for a dance class. After learning about her new passion, Holly told her parents that she wants to perform on Broadway when she grows up. She later joined a dance program at the American Ballet Theatre.

The young Taylor soon landed on her big break when she starred in the Broadway production of Billy Elliot at 11 years old. She played the role of a ballet dancer named Sharon Percy.

The stage production went on for almost two years. Taylor performed eight shows a week at the Imperial Theatre in New York City.

Along with her busy schedule, Taylor went to school in New Jersey. She also received several invitations, including the Johns Hopkins Program for Gifted and Talented Children.

Right after Broadway, Taylor advanced towards her TV career. Her first small screen debut was at the 2010 TV film Celebrity Nightmares Decoded.

In 2013, she starred at the spy-thriller drama The Americans. She portrayed the role of Paige Jennings, a typical suburban teenager. Aside from three nominations from different acting awards, she won at the Young Artist Awards for Best Supporting Younger Actress in a Television Series. The show concluded in 2018 with a total of six seasons.

In addition to her television work, she made her film debut at Love and Zombies in 2011. She also starred in films, such as The Cook, The Otherworld, and The Witch Files, to name a few.

Her most recent TV performance is at the crime-fantasy series The Unsettling, where she played the lead role.

Taylor is currently taking graphic design at Kean University. She also volunteers at an animal shelter and other community services.

In an interview with The Cut, Taylor shared that she has mixed feelings about pursuing acting in the future. The young actress revealed that being a movie star is not her long-term goal. Instead, she is considering taking a double major in college or starting a charity for rescue animals.

In her free time, Taylor handles her own Instagram account, where she often posts updates. The actress enjoys posing for the camera while wearing bikinis that show off her hot body, including her ass and boobs. She also loves wearing mini-length dresses that expose her beautiful legs.

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Sexy and Hot Holly Taylor Pictures

Sexy and Hot Holly Taylor Pictures
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