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Helena Bonham Carter is an English actress, born in London on May 26, 1966. She grew into an amazingly beautiful woman, as evidenced by our collection of Sexy and Hot Helena Bonham Carter Pictures, we have below.

Her mother, Elena, was a psychotherapist. Her father was a banker. Her grandparents (father-side) were politicians. Despite her political ancestry, Carter pursued an acting career.

Carter had a difficult childhood. When she was young, her mother suffered a severe nervous breakdown. It took her mother three years to recover. Her father became half-paralyzed after a surgery complication.

Helena Bonham Carter graduated in South Hampstead High School and Westminster School. She planned on going to King’s College (Cambridge), but the college didn’t admit her. The school argued that Carter might end up discontinuing the course in favor of an acting career.

The school’s rejection didn’t discourage her. Carter joined a writing contest and won the prize in 1979. She used the money so directors and TV producers would notice her. At 16 years old, Helena Bonham Carter appeared in a TV commercial.

In 1986, Carter played a leading role in the film Lady Jane. She portrayed Lady Jane Grey and the queen’s life. Before this role, Carter got the part as Lucy Honeychurch.

From 1986 to 1988, Helen Bonham Carter appeared on many television shows. She starred in the episodes of “Miami Vice,” and “Absolutely Fabulous.”

In 1992, Carter got her first film role as Helen Schlegel in Howard End. Her performance got her a nomination in BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress. Seven years later, Carter starred in Fight Club that won her a Best Actress Empire Award. Her co-stars in the film are Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

For the years 2001 to 2010, Carter performed many movie roles with Tim Burton. Planet of the Apes, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, and Alice in Wonderland are some of her movies. Carter also lent her voice in a motion animated film, Corpse Bride.

So far, her most critically acclaimed role was Enid Blyton in the TV film Enid. The TV film first appeared on BBC Four. Carter won an International Emmy Award (Best Actress). She also won a BAFTA (Best Supporting Actress) in 2011.

Her most famous movie is the 2010 drama film The King’s Speech. The movie became a box office hit that gave Carter public appreciation and fame.

Outside her acting career, Helena Bonham Carter opened a fashion line, The Pantaloonies. She collaborated with Samantha Sage in launching this line.

Carter dated Tim Burton for more than a decade, resulting in two children. The couple separated in 2014.

Aside from these achievements, Helena Bonham Carter got many nominations from Oscar Award in her various roles throughout the years. She’s a talented, award-wining actress who, despite her age, still looks classically sexy and hot in a bikini with a perfect ass and boobs. These photos are the proofs.

Sexy and Hot Helena Bonham Carter Pictures