60 Sexy and Hot Heather Thomas Pictures

Heather Anne Thomas was born to Lou and Leon Thomas on the 8th of September, 1957, in Connecticut.  Both of her parents worked in the field of education. She graduated from a high school in Santa Monica in the year 1975. From 1985 to 1986, she was husband and wife with a psychotherapist named Allan Rosenthal.

A year into their marriage, the couple would eventually get divorced. In 1992 she then got hitched to a Hollywood based lawyer named Skip Brittenham, and together they have a daughter that they gave the name India Rose to. The family currently lives in Connecticut, along with Heather’s children from her first marriage.

She is an American actress, author, and activist, who gained fame in the adventure series ‘The Fall Guy’ for her portrayal as the hot Jody Banks. Her television career started after being picked as one of the presenters for the NBC show Talking to a Giant. She then graduated from UCLA with a degree in Film and Theater.

After graduating, she later appeared in a string of small-screen shows like Co-Ed Fever, The Misadventure of Sheriff Lobo, and California Fever. Landing the audition for the role that would immortalize her name came soon after. Her appearance in The Fall Guy turned her into a household name in a short amount of time.

Her most known role I was n the film was in Ford: The Man and the Machine in 1987, which won her a nomination for the Gemini Award. Thomas began to concentrate more on her private life as time passed and decided to give up acting in 1998. Concerning this, she is currently busy working as a screenwriter and a professional writer, who is also a campaigner for multiple causes.

A cocaine addiction would have grown by the period she tried to create herself as an established actress, and her drug abuse had started to unravel. She had thankfully already opened up to her parents regarding her addiction problems. Her family, friends, and other close relatives orchestrated assistance and would get her registered at a rehabilitation center located at St. John’s Hospital. She has not been there since experiencing a cleansing program and manages to live her life without drugs.

Heather then worked on her mental and physical health and regained the figure that once drove the men in her generation wild. She was known as an actress who had done a series of sexy shots in only a bikini. In the images gallery, you will find pictures similar to those done by the bombshell in sexy photoshoots, red carpet shots, magazine spreads, promotional materials, and more! She is known to have abundant boobs and a curvy ass guaranteed to drive anybody crazy.

Sexy and Hot Heather Thomas Pictures

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