41 Sexy and Hot Harley Quinn Pictures

Though a product of fiction, Harley Quinn is a sexy woman. She is a character created by DC Entertainment. She first came out in September 1992, appearing in the Batman animated series. Soon, the Batman comic series adapted her role.

Before being known as Harley Quinn, she was Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel. She was a psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum in the fictional city of Gotham. As a psychology intern, she went to the asylum to treat Joker, one of Batman’s famous nemesis. However, Harley Quinn fell madly in love with Joker and ready to help him in his mischievous and deadly schemes.

Harley Quinn went on to help Joker escape the asylum. Their love story, if you can call it that, is one which is both tragic and joyful.

Her creators patterned Harley Quinn’s appearance to that of a jester. In previous illustrations, you can see her in white facial makeup, a black mask, and using black with the red-colored motley. The tight-fitting costume emphasized her figure, showing her ass and boobs.

However, the look of Harley Quinn changed over the years. Her second re-illustration featured her to have bleached skin because Joker kicked her in a container full of acid. Her hair is in ponytails, with two different colors – red and black.

At present, you can see Harley Quinn with a brand-new look. This time, she now has blonde hair with the right end in pink dye and blue dye on the left. For her outfit, it consists of tight shorts, a torn T-shirt, and a satin jacket. She is also using fishnet stockings, a belt, and boots. Will the world ever see her in a bikini?

Recently, Harley Quinn made her appearance in the 2016 film Suicide Squad, adding to the growing films of the DC Extended Universe franchise. Australian actress Margot Robbie played the character, and it is a portrayal she nailed.

Let us go back to Harley Quinn’s relationship with Joker. The two have a dysfunctional yet addictive bond. Joker tricked her into helping him, telling her countless lies. Despite Joker trying to kill her, Harley Quinn remained a loyal lover and accomplice.

In the comic book for Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn has a recurring role. She is part of the Suicide Squad, a team composed of antiheroes or what you may call supervillains. She also forms part of Gotham City Sirens, a group consisting of three, hot but dangerous women.  People love Harley Quinn’s character. Her relationship with Joker added to her charisma. Though a villain, she is showing that anyone is free to care for another. And even if her connection to Joker is toxic and deadly, she continues to cherish him. Harley Quinn is a sexy supervillain who is willing to give up her life for the one she loves.

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