43 Sexy and Hot Hannah Simone Pictures

Hannah Simone is known by most as an actress, video jockey, and a model. With her age of 39, the Canadian actress still looks young, and depending on her outfit; she can also appear to be hot.

Simone’s ancestry is a mixture of Indian, English, German, Italian, and Greek. Although she was born in London, Simone grew up in Calgary. Her family is also continually moving residence in her childhood, which made Simone enroll in different schools for only a short period.

At the age of 13, her family was in Cyprus, and here, she started an early modeling career. Three years later, she decided to start another academic pursuit in India. After her studies, Simone went back to Canada to get a degree in a University 

Upon finishing her college-level program, Simone landed her first job as a human rights officer.

For her acting career, Simone started in a local network’s show, Space for Living. Afterward, she had a stable job in the music network MuchMusic. Simone became a resident VJ and appeared in a lot of programs on the channel.

Her shows include NewMusic and Much News Weekly, which she started both in 2006. Simone stayed for the network for over two years. After working with MuchMusic, Simone executed her plan to move residence, and she picked California as her destination.

Upon moving, Simone landed a job on Syfy, which assigned her in the Samsung sponsored segment, WCG Ultimate Gamer. Simone co-hosted with Joel Gourdin, which lasted for over a year after its premiere in 2009.

Simone’s breakthrough happened a year after leaving Syfy when she had a role in New Girl, which premiered in Fox. Her supporting role of Cece appeared in most of the show’s episode until 2018 when the last chapter aired, and the story wrapped up.

Simone also had an opportunity to work alongside Génesis Rodríguez and the world-renowned Kate Upton in the project by Gillette in 2013.

Simone got her first lead role in The Greatest American Hero. The pilot episode for the show aired in 2018; however, due to poor audience reception, the network ABC didn’t continue the series.

The Canadian actress appeared in more films with notable ones, including Miss India America, Lemonade, Odd Squad: The Movie, Band-Aid, and Killing Gunther.

Her most recent TV projects include Kicking and Screaming, Single Parents, Weird City, and Mira, Royal Detective. Simone also appeared in two music videos from the artists’ Train and Bryce Avary.

The Canadian actress’ appearance is stunning thanks to her mixed ancestry. Aside from that, Simone also has a beautiful body that highlights her big pair of boobs and ass. Dive into our collection of Hannah Simone if you want to see more of her, especially on a bikini.

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